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Healthy Breakfast ideals!

20-Healthy-Breakfasts_v2Tired of the same old breakfast? Check out these 20 quick and easy breakfast ideas!!!


Steamed Vegetables!

Benefits of steamed vegetables!!!!

Diet Benefits of Steaming Vegetables | 3FC


Benefits of Lemon Juice

Benefits of lemon juice!!!!

5 Suprising Health Benefits of Lemon Juice | APEC Water


Coke vs Water!

Coke vs water… Still want that coke? Read on!

Water vs Soft Drinks


Healthy Yogurt Parfaits!

Here are some great healthy breakfast yogurt parfait recipes! Enjoy!

Healthy Yogurt and Parfait Recipes – Whole Living Eat Well


Mindful Eating!

This is a great article.on mindful eating…check it out!

Mindful Eating Tools | Eating Mindfully | Mindful Eating | Dr. Susan Albers | Author


Healthy walking

walking44Good Morning Everyone!!!!!!!!! This is going to be a great day!!!! Get out there and walk …come on you can find 15-30 minutes of time today to get those walking shoes on!!! Walking is free!! Yes folks no need for a costly gym membership or spending your hard earned money on exercise equipment…all it takes is a comfy pair of shoes and the ability to walk!!! Read this article below to learn of the wonderful benefits of walking and how to get started!!!!! Come on your heart will thank you…walk~!


Healthy Oatmeal Recipes!

oatmeal44Want to feed your heart some good stuff??? Eat oatmeal! What a great way to get low-calorie, heart healthy fiber in your life style!!! Here’s 30 Heart Healthy Oatmeal recipes….give them a try!


Overnight Refrigerator Oatmeal!

refoatmealHere it is..overnight refrigerator oatmeal.. I love to make this…and have it on hand for the whole week.


Benefits of drinking water!

body22Here is an article I found on the benefits of drinking water…please take the time to read it and remember drink more water! Your body will thank you!

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