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My Pyramid

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day… even though I am under the weather..I’m not letting that be an excuse to “slip” off my new lifestyle plan….which is something quite new for me..because usually I can find an excuse anywhere!!! HAHA!
I’m sure you can appreciate what I am talking about… but we just have to keep our eye on the goal here..getting healthy.. sure weight lose is a plus side of getting healthy, but I really want to think “lifestyle ” not “diet”..because as we all know if your on a diet you can’t won’t last long.. we have to choose to make life style changes that we can live with.. At the moment I’m trying to keep it fresh…least amount of “fake” ingredients possible…and nothing is off limits..just portion size…I think that’s a good start… cuz I am here to tell you, if I tell my brain I can’t have something… that’s all it’s going to think about!!! so trust me here…nothing is off limits..just remember balance and portion control Here is a website I’d like to share with you… check it out.. there is a lot of good information on here….let me know what you think…


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