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Have you started yet?

scalesHave you started yet??? One of the first things you need to do is weigh yourself… We do this to get a beginning point…something to measure our progress with. For some of us its an eye opener! As  in OMG..I weight this much? How? When? But that’s ok….remember all new beginnings start with that first step! In our case its the step to the don’t need to share that number on the scales…. Just keep it in a safe spot…if you like you can reveal the pounds lost each week…again its all up to you.  So make the first step to a healthy lifestyle… Second step for today…pick a couple of lifestyle things you want to change…take baby steps.  This is.not a fad but a lifestyle change…only pick a couple for today…post your choices will help hold you  accountable for those choices..mine are more water and less soda. I will work up to no soda. But I have to do it a little at a time! I also am going to cut back on bread…again , baby steps….what are your choices?


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