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Write it DOWN!


Hope you have a fantastic day!!!! Remember to make another change in your life style today…I am going to start writing down what I eat…just grab something to write on..keep it on the front of your frig..and start writing what you eat down… everything.. yea, even that bite of this and taste of that..write it down.. its part of our mindful eating.. know what your eating before you put it in your mouth…why do I need to write it down? We are looking for eating habits…do you snack more than you realize? Also reasons we you eat when your board???? Eating patterns help us take control of our healthy life style… There are also apps for your phone that can help you track your eating habits… If you want to get fancy there are eating journals available and some web sites have eating journal sheets you can print out for free!!! No matter how you do..just start TODAY!!! Write it down!!

5 Reasons to Write Down Everything You Eat For a Week – by Dumb Little Man


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