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Good Morning and WELCOME !

journeyGood Morning!!! Welcome to our blog Our Healthy Life Style Journey!! For those that have been following us on Facebook…welcome to our new home! To all the new followers…welcome to our blog! We hope that you will share your life style tips, recipes, exercise information, and personal journey….that’s what the blog is all about… sharing and helping others be a better person though life style changes and healthy living….

Let me introduce myself…I’m Beverly….mid life…woman, with the desire to get fit and healthy… I’ve struggled with my weight all my life…but at 56 years of age…I need to control it not let it control me.. When I was younger I use to say.. my weight doesn’t stop me from doing what I want to do..and it didn’t…I didn’t have any health issues.. I was just over weight.. well I can not say that anymore…My weight has taken over my life.. I am not able to do the things I want to do.. It has made me a person I don’t like… I like to think of my self as a free-spirited person , who enjoys life to the up for a good challenge…and ready to Tackle the world…well it may be the person I think I am inside, but I’m not that person anymore… I want to be her again.. but right now its..not me..I have started getting some medical issues…I don’t do things like I use to..because of my weight..and latley I have not been the out going person that I usually am..because I am ashamed of my weight.. so this year will be the year I take control of my life..and get it together..FINALLY! So I decided to enlist the help of family and friends on Facebook that wanted to do the same..and well here we are…

I hope you will follow us…and feel like participating in our Journey…we will help you…and give you support… I believe that the support of family and friends…is what will help us be successful…once and for all!!…

So pull up a chair..dig in and catch up.. on our journey..look through the old never know what you’re going to find on here! Everyday is a new journey just waiting for us to live it to the fullest!



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