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Matt Hoover Winner of Biggest Loser Interview ..weight loss tips!

mattMatt Hoover winner of biggest loser …interview on weight loss tips!
This is great! Many of the tips we have talked about…even if you are not doing Weight Watchers..these are great tips!!
Matt Hoover:
DRINK YOUR WATER – I always drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. It helps me to keep a large glass of water w/ice with me at all times and when I am away from home I always have a bottle of water that I can refill at any time.

BE PREPARED – When I go grocery shopping I ALWAYS have my W.W. Slide Rule with me to help ME decide what items will come home with me. For snack items I NEVER bring anything into the house that is more than 2 pts. per serving. If the wrong food items are in the house I know I have no willpower and at my weak moments I will gobble them up and then be sorry afterwards. I like to take the temptation out of my reach!

MARK YOUR GROCERIES WITH POINTS – After I get my groceries home I take a black marker and mark the points right on the food item – this way I don’t have to bother looking the points up when I get ready to make a meal or eat that food item. This makes following the program and tracking my points EASY, which is going to help me STAY ON PROGRAM. If it becomes a chore I will quit for sure!

PRE-BAG & MARK WITH POINT VALUE – When I buy snacks or anything in bulk, I take the time to weigh out the serving size (such as Air Crisp Pretzels), put the servings in baggies and mark the points on the baggie. Now, when you want a snack all you have to do is grab a baggie which is portioned out with the points on it. As I said in #3, EASY, EASY, EASY! It is time consuming ONCE but you’ll be happy you did it.

PLAN FOR THE DAY – When I leave the house for the “day” I pack a large lunch box with foods that I might eat during the day – being prepared when not at home is the key to staying away from Fast Food, which is very high in points and give you very little satisfaction – you will be hungry shortly thereafter and no points left with which to eat. I prepare all the foods to “grab” (if I pack an orange I will peel it, section it and put it in a baggie) in case I’m driving when I get hungry. As I’m packing my lunch box for the day I write down all the points of the food in the lunchbox…..if, when I get home, I don’t eat it all it is very easy and pleasurable, to take the points back.

ORGANIZE – I keep a list of all my favorite brand name foods so I don’t have to refigure them all the time….just look it up and mark the item.

ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT WHEN EATING OUT – When I eat out I ask the waitress if she could ask the cook to bring me half of what I ordered – this way I am watching my portion size and the food is not going to waste – most times the restaurants have no problem with this. Also, if it cannot be done, I eat half of the meal and then ask the waitress to immediately take the plate away (otherwise I WILL eat the whole thing). Be aware of your weaknesses and don’t set yourself up!

DON’T DENY YOURSELF – I have tried a lot of different healthy foods. I DON’T eat anything I don’t like “because it is healthier”. For example: I don’t really like the non-fat or lite, for that matter, salad dressing. So, I ALWAYS order it on the side (Blue Cheese is my favorite) and use a fork. This way I am only eating about a teaspoon for my whole salad and I’m not suffering because I’m eating what I like. When you force yourself to eat what you think you should instead of what you like you will quit and go back to your old eating habits. Don’t DENY yourself – you want a healthier eating plan that you can live with.

DO “SMART GROCERY SHOPPING” – I always hit the produce aisle FIRST – don’t be afraid even if prices are high. I was afraid at first that my food bill would double with all the “healthy” foods but have found that eating healthy did not cost any more money. Controlling my portions makes the foods last longer (before my lifestyle change I could eat a whole box of Air Crisp Pretzels – now they last about 10-15 days – ONE BOX!).

ENJOY SPECIAL OCCASIONS – When I go to parties, family gatherings, weddings, etc. I eat a couple spoonfuls of everything I want. This way you are not feeling “deprived” and you are not going off program. I also make sure I eat a small breakfast before going, along with about half of my water for the day – this keeps you from overeating.

EXERCISE – Schedule your activity into your day – remember, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do some activity. Every little bit helps. I personally have to do my workout early in the morning, the first thing, otherwise I WILL NOT DO IT! So, I get up very early and get my 1 1/2 hour workout done first thing. I do this 3 times a week and on the other days I bowl or do other activities. If you cannot get out of the house try marching in front of your favorite TV program.

WRITE DOWN MEALS WITH POINTS – When I have put a meal together that I like and figured the points for everything in that meal, I write it down so the next time all I have to do is look up the points for that particular meal. Again, EASY, EASY, EASY!

NEVER MISS A MEETING – Please don’t underestimate the power of group support. I would be lost without it. I never miss a meeting unless I am out of town and I try to go to a meeting even then. I have been very fortunate to have found a WONDERFUL, understanding, supportive leader. If you don’t care for your leader go to another meeting and keep going until you find one that you are comfortable with. The meetings help you stay motivated and let you know that you are not alone in this. I can honestly tell you that I look forward to going to my meetings! Another great benefit from going to your meetings is the wonderful new friends you will make – I have truly been blessed!

WRITE EVERYTHING YOU EAT DOWN – This keeps you honest and holds you accountable for everything you put in your mouth. It also lets you know the areas where you are lacking (vegetables, fruits, etc). You would be surprised how fast the points add up! It is a good tool to help you get and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.

DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY NEW FOOD CHOICES – I have discovered I like fresh mushrooms and many other vegetables which I thought I didn’t like (mainly because I didn’t bother trying them before).

TAKE BABY STEPS – Try journaling for one week, drinking water for the next one, walking a couple times a week for the next week, etc. Trying to do TOO MUCH at once can be overwhelming! Take baby steps – you will get there in no time and the WHOLE program will come together. Don’t focus or think about the amount of weight you have to lose.

TRADE JOURNALS WITH A FRIEND THROUGH EMAIL – I have been at goal weight now over 16 months. My best friend Tammy (she is LIFETIME also) and I decided we are going to send our Daily Food Journals to each other when we are having a rough time. This keeps us accountable and on track. As a LIFETIME member and under goal I don’t journal all the time – only when I have a rough time (which happens, believe me!). Then I get out all my materials and start from scratch and it usually gets me back on track.


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