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More ways to use Greek Yogurt!

I love Greek Yogurt…plain…or with a TAB. of Sugar free Polaner Blackberry or Strawberry Preserves. yummo!
But wait…there’s other uses….use it instead of tuna salad…add some spices and whip up homemade salad dressing!!
Read below for some new ways to use your Greek Yogurt!!!!!
14 Things to Do With… Greek Yogurt

Here’s a bevy of uses for this delicious and versatile ingredient.

Article By: Mary Elizabeth Hurn

Sure, it’s good as a breakfast food. But Greek yogurt, with more protein and richness than other yogurt varieties, is great for way more than just making a parfait.
1.Add chopped cucumbers, dill and a pinch of salt for a quick Greek tsatziki.

2.Instead of milk or sweetened yogurts, toss some in your smoothie for a thicker texture.

3.Try it as an alternative to heavy cream when making alfredo sauce for pasta.

4.Mix with chocolate syrup for an easy fruit dip for a party platter.

5.Add a pinch of salt for a rich substitute for sour cream.

6.Stir in to a puréed vegetable soup to add thickness and protein.

7.For a simple frozen yogurt, add chopped fruit and sweetener and put it in the freezer.

8.Use it instead of mayo in chicken, tuna and egg salad to drastically cut down on PointsPlus™ values.

9.For a quick dessert, stir in light jam, raspberries, raisins, cinnamon or shredded coconut.

10.Use it as a frosting for cake or cupcakes. Just add vanilla or almond extract and a bit of sweetener.

11.Add spices and a bit of milk for a quick, guilt-free, creamy salad dressing.

12.Try as a pre-grill marinade for chicken or lamb: a bit of yogurt, za’atar, lemon zest, pepper flakes and a pinch of salt.

13.Add horseradish to make a fish or shrimp dip.

14.Mix it with skim milk and use instead of buttermilk for pancakes


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