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DON”T DIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dontI read a weight loss survey from the UK that found that nearly half of all dieters quit within a month. So, why do so many throw in the towel after only a month???
While there are oodles and oodles of reasons…here are the facts…
rarely do popular “FAD” diets lead to long term weight loss…
so don’t fall for that trap….don’t follow the advice of some famous person who has been paid millions of dollars to lose on their special “weight Loss” Plan. I don’t know about you, but if someone was dangling a million dollars in front of me…It would make my Will power a “Super Power” stronger than no other!!!!!!!!!!!! But reality is, a large percent of those who lose on their Programs..regain even more than they originally lost…with in 3 years…, Kirstie Alley …Need I say More? ( please don’t send me hate mail.. I love Kirstie…and can truly understand her weight loss issues…but when you lend your name to any weight loss program and gain it open yourself up to public discussion)..Plus they cost A LOT OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Save your money….
Choose a program that you are going to be able to live with for the rest of your that lets you make changes you can live with forever..not just for a few weeks: but for the rest of your life…Don’t go on a diet…yes, I said it…don’t go on a diet…instead…choose a moderate calorie controlled program that you can live with for the rest of your life. Calories do count, make Life Style changes you can live with.. by building your life style changes one step at a time. you are setting up the foundation for a healthy life forever…

It has to be a life style change not a are a few tips to your journey to a healthy life style..

1. Don’t waste your calories on alchol…it’s not worth least to me.. there are fresh fruit smoothie…and wonderful tasteful Iced tea with berries avaliable…whip some up and enjoy sipping something you know is healthy for you drinking for those very,very occasions.

2. Avoid the Exercise trap.. no I am not advocating no exercise here..but what I am suggesting is that you do not eat something with the sole purpose of “Exercising”, to burn off the additional calories you just ate..or drank..more than likely you are not going to do it.. you’re not in this position because you have such wonderful will power…..remember..we over eat…right now you are doing good to just get in your regular exercise routine..don’t rack up extra calories with the thoughts you will exercise them off…if you don’t have the calories..don’t eat it…don’t get into the deficit circle..step out of it…

3. Skimp on all those liquid calories we call Soft Drinks..they are nothing but empty calories…choose good old fashion WATER!!!! It is the best choice!

4. Don’t “skip” meals, you will run out of energy…and your setting yourself up for overeating late in the evening..
We’ve always hear it..but LISTEN this time…don’t SKIP breakfast!!! In fact I make that meal the largest one of the day…WHY? Because I give my body energy to get through my day!!! And I have the chance to burn off those calories!!!

5. Don’t eat late at night.. nothing worse than chowing down a late night dinner and then going to bed…no chance what so ever to burn those calories off…UGH!!! It just lays in our Stomach all night long..usually causing us Heart burn and Indigestion!!! Make a commitment to stop late night a rule stop eating at least three hours before bedtime..

6. Write it down.. it is not true that if you don’t write it didn’t eat it…no , no, no, WRITE it down.. it doesn’t have to be anything big…just write it….I use a post it note application on my phone…I eat it.. I write it down..I also use a calorie counter app..and a app that helps me calculate food values…so I can decide if I want to eat it or not..

7. Make a day a week plan out your can be adjusted… but take the time to write out an eating plan. Figuring out the calories, fat’s, Protein and fiber.. you want a balanced day of want to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need…. plan it out and it will help you succeed.

8. Lastly , educate your self on what you body needs are. Read, talk to a nutritionlist..your Doctor…education on healthy lifestyle eating is available for free out there on the it!!! And understand it..

In order for us to be successful in our Healthy Life Style journey , we have to choose the approach that we personally are able to live with for the rest of our life..

By eating NORMAL foods we can get our hands on each day..
we will build a life time of healthy living..

If we teach healthy eating to people…instead of dieting…they can live a healthy lifestyle FOREVER!


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