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Healthy shopping! At Sam’s Club!


I had another shopping day today. I needed to pick up some fresh fruit.. I went to Sam’s Club. I feel I get the best deal for my money..I have to remember I am getting a larger quantity ..and not choose too many at one time. Keeping that in mind when you shop..will help you save.. Never buy more than you need for the week. Remembering that fresh fruit continues to ripen as the week goes by, so only buy what you are going to eat…

Helpful Hint: If you see your fruit is getting over rippened..then use it in Smoothies..freeze for later use..or put in a blender and then pour into ice trays for use in your smoothies later…


When I came home..I put some of that fresh fruit together for a delish lunch…I had orange cuties,pineapple, raspberries and blackberries. Then I added some Greek Yogurt with a dash of cinnamon… talk about YUMMO!

The fruit is zero points on Weight Watchers….and 1 1/2 points for the Greek Yogurt…


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