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I gave up sugar for lent.. someone I love, recently gave up alcohol not only for lent but for good…they went through a 28 day program….and In honor of the sacrifice I decided to give up something I love sugar.
I am finding out how difficult that decision would be for me.. I am serious about this No sugar thing.. I gave it some thought to go back and adjust my pledge to No cookies..maybe no candy…but I didn’t..I am sticking with the NO SUGAR…
But being true to my word…I have become obsessed with not eating sugar..making sure to check every label on everything I put into my mouth…let’s just say it is not easy! But not only is it not easy to choose items free of any extra sugars..but it’s hard to resite those cravings for sugar..
As difficult as it is.. it makes me realize how difficult it is for others trying to kick an addiction.. for those who do not share any addiction…you won’t understand this statement. but no matter if you are trying to lose weight..quit smoking or give up alcohol…its hard… its stressful.. but it is not impossible.. I think for all of us to succeed in beating our addiction we have to learn why…we are doing the addictive behavior and dig deep into our emotions..our lives..and our hearts to figure it out.
If I hear one more time..all you have to do is eat fewer calories than your burn…REALLY? Thank you for that NEWS SPLASH! Like I didn’t already know that…same goes for someone to say… Just don’t Drink..or Just don’t smoke… Well here is a newflash…If it was that easy.. we would have already done it!!! Don’t judge me..or anyone else , unless you have been in my shoes…and don’t tell me HOW to do it..if you’ve never been there…

I feel I can write about this subject.. cause I am living it… I am trying to kick a addiction… and I am seeing that I need to do more than just eat a few fewer calories and exercise more..its not that simple..I want to keep the weight off.. and I don’t want to trade one addiction for another..know what I mean.. of course you get are either here right now with me..or you’ve been there…

Remember the blonde spiky lady who said stop THE insainity??? I forget her name..wait it’s Susan Powter!!! Spunky little thing…but her message still rings through….


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