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Connecting the dots!

I ran across a Youtube video a few days ago..of a young man losing weight. I couldn’t believe what he was saying was hitting home to me so deeply… it’s title was The emotional Side of Morbid Obesity…by boogiedown550. I cried…when I listened to it..I hope you will watch it.. and maybe it will change you as it did me…
It made me realize that there is SOMETHING wrong with me… Emotional, Mentally…and it’s true.. Although I come off as a happy-go-lucky woman..with no cares in the world…deep down.. I am an emotional wreck..I keep it all in …and I shouldn’t ..I reach for food when I am sad.. .when I am feeling depressed..when I am feeling lonley..when I am happy…

I reach for food to satisfy my enter needs that are not being reached in other ways..of course I have thought about this before.. but always came back to the thought..I just like to eat..

But after listening to him…it helped me connect the dots finally realize there is more to this over eating than..the fact I just like to eat Like him, I don’t want to be the guy that keeps losing and gaining..losing and gaining.. so I have to learn ways to deal with my stress issues…my emotional hurts… I can’t afford theapy..hell I can’t ever go my family Doctor for a check up!
But I have to find resources to help me through the emotional part of this.. like him.. I am tired of sacrificing my life to eat…I want to figures this out.. I don’t want to be just here.. I want to live the life I know I deserve…I want to kick ass and do this!!!!!! It’s a powerful video please watch..and listen….



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