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I’m moving on!

Sorry for not posting in over a does times fly by! I have had some difficult things going on in my life.. as I am sure many of you have to deal with. I took some time off to make those decisions and to plan my next move. It was time to regroup and decided in some way, a plan for this thing I call MY LIFE… I’ve made some changes…major ones.. still deciding on others…and moving on.. when ever life slams a door in my face..I always jump out the window and find a new door to go through…Some decisions were very difficult to make, but in my heart I know that they had to be made.
Now like the song by Rascal Flats says…. I’m moving on…

So here we go… a little lighter without the old baggage and a little wiser..continuing in my weight loss journey..with only one flat tire..instead of four…and a couple speed bumps to slow me down.. but now..its out the pedal to the metal and Go like there’s no tomorrow!!!

Come continue my journey with me…I have a feeling we’re in for the ride of our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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