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Diet vs Healthy Life Style


Well I did it! I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting today. And I liked it.
In fact I more than liked it..I was impressed with the informative meeting…Our leader said something that made it click for her…she has lost 85 pounds… she said on her third attempt at Weight Watchers..her leader said..When you stop dieting and just work on getting healty…it will click for you.. and it did..

I could understand that.. sometimes when we deprive makes us hate the diet..and then it starts a vicious circle..of losing and gaining…losing and gaining..what is our goal? Are we just after getting the pounds off..or are we looking to get healthy… there is a difference you know…if were out to just get the weight off..what happens when we reach our goal? Do we have any other plans to maintain..? Or should our goal be to get healthy? Learn about the nutritional side of eating right, as well as how to exercise more..and learn to maintain once we are at our healthy weight.

Well I will go with the second option. I belive getting healthy is the way to go.. learn the nutritional side of eating..learn how to exercise to help me get healthy…and to also learn how to maintain so I can stop the yoyo side of dieting…

Easy pease , right? still isn’t a magic carpet ride that makes us get to our goal… it’s still a lot of hard work on our part..a lot of ground work to learn it all, it will still take a lot of strength..and hard work on our part, but knowing that when we get healthy..when we reach our weight goal. we have a plan to maintain it.. so we never have to go through this again..we can see the light at the end of the tunnel…we can see and feel healthy…I like the sound of that..

Back to the meeting..Everyone was friendly..and helpful. Our leader took me through all of the necessary steps to have a successful week. She was caring. I like that.. I liked the fact that she has been where I am.. She knows what it is going to take for me to get to where she is.. She is upfront and honest.. . I like that..

If you follow the WW plan.. you will succeed… I like that..

So here I go..down the new path I’ve choosen…on my healthy life style  journey…I WILL make the right choices..I WILL take the right paths.. I Will believe in MYSELF…I will take back  control of my life.. and I WILL life the life I want to be living..Active, Healthy and alive!!!!!!!!!!!


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