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New begining

YouCanToday I am up early. Most days I want to lay in bed as long as I can.. But I had a great nights sleep, which these days is hard to come by.. and I am excited to begin a new leg in my journey today. My dear Neighbor has been asking me to join WEIGHT WATCHERS, since she rejoined in January.

I don’t know why, but I have balked at the idea of WW…I have tried diet after diet..losing some weight..but always gaining it back…I’ve joined other support weight loss groups, But with little guidance on the diet part of the program, I continue to fail at weight loss. Many years ago I did step into a WW meeting with my sister..but the cost of those weekly meeting, not to mention the cost of the “Healthy Foods”, made me not join.

We’ve all seen the ads…a beautiful slimed Public figure who has won their battle with the buldge..but in the back of my mind , I’m always thinking, well if someone “PAID” me to lose weight I could do it too!!!

But I am going to put all of those misconceptions behind me..and forge forward. I am going to go and “join” WW. I had to think about it long and hard. Money is tight…but I really think I can’t afford to NOT do this any longer..Why the change of heart? Well to tell you the truth..I’m not doing so hot on my own, no matter how hard I try. And I think that the knowledge that is out there , through WW will help at least direct down the right path. I like the fact that I can eat “regular” food…and the fact that I can eat just about “anything” I want. No warding off certain food groups. This approach appeals to me very much. Although I like the idea I can eat regular foods.. I also like the ideal that they have a line of foods to purchase, for those times when life is hurried and I need to eat and go!

So today I am shoving my misconceptions of WW..and reaching out the olive branch..and my hard-earned cash to learn the ways of many before me, who have blazed the path to a thinner more healthy me… I will be posting about my journey here..letting you know what works and what doesn’t. I don’t want you to wish me luck. That doesn’t work. But you can will me strength to help me accomplish my dream of weight loss…Here’s to a thinner me…one pound at a time.. and even though I won’t be receiving the big money pay out , like those famous indorsers…won’t I be getting the biggest pay out of all, My health back!


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