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WOW! That’s all I can say today…! WOW!…..Ok, I see you shaking your head…saying..WHAT?  It’s been one can’t feel a difference…What do I say to the NO sayers? Your wrong!!!!  I do feel different…I woke up this morning feeling…Empowered!!!!!!!!!!! Prepared…..and ready to get through my day!!!!!!!!!!

I came home from my WW meeting  yesterday and started pouring through all of my educational literature I received from WW….I spent hours reading and re-reading…taking notes…and re-reading again…Some of the information I already knew..but didn’t practice.. thinking it wouldn’t make that much of a difference…Oh, how I was wrong! It’s the combination of all the little things that make us successful!!! It’s the baby steps..that helps us get to the next level…make the small changes…they make a difference..

Then there were the changes I never thought of…never even crossed my mind to do these things…but finding our way to a healthier life style involves many changes..not just eating habits…but making many changes all around us to help benefit our healthy eating plan….

So what are these changes , you ask….

First off we need to rethink the way we think of things.. Let me explain.. some of the changes we make will be considered Routines.. changes that we make in our lives , that make doing them as natural as brushing our teeth.. without even thinking we will just do natural , that not doing them would make us stop and think about it.. just like getting up in the morning and brushing our teeth. We don’t PLAN to brush our teeth…we just do it.

The POWER of Routines is important in achieving our healthy life style and staying on track while doing it. It is these little weight-loss friendly actions, that make it easier to stay on track, easier to make smart choices about food and activity. These small steps can have a huge payoff…

I will list the Routines…as I include them in my daily routine…….but don’t be overwhelmed by them.. take time to include them in your healthy life style plan. Do not plan on doing them all at once..the best thing it take two or three and work on those..for a week or two..and then move on to another two or three… of they don’t apply to you..cross them may even think of some changes to make all on your own.. please include those too!!!

I have one of my own that is not on the list.. although we all know we should..we don’t do it…what is it? More water… so instead of just saying , “I’ll drink more water!”   I am going to say …”I will drink a full glass of water before each meal”. Not only will I be getting more water in. But I will be putting something good for me in my stomach, which will help fill it up and help me eat less… I will make this a routine..eventually it will be come as natural as brushing my teeth!!!

The ones I’ve chosen to get started with are…

* Eat veggies or fruit with every meal and snack

Wow.. I never thought of that before… I like it.. it will be challenging at times.. I am sure.. but hey I am up for the challenge!!!

* Before you leave the house, make sure you have a snack with you!

DAH!!!! ( as she hits herself right in the middle of her  forehead! You know like the V8 commercials!)

Plan to get a hunger pain while your out and about and have something on hand so you can make good choices for that snack!!! I love this….

how many times have you been out and about and needed just  a little something …something “HOLD YOU OVER” until the next meal!!!  Never fall in that trap again… make sure you have a snack with you… it doesn’t have to be something BIG..just grap a piece of fruit or granola bar and go!!!!!!!!!!!

* Eat breakfast EVERYDAY!

I know, I know, we all know this one..but sometimes there just isn’t time!!!! Well STOP thinking that way and make it happen…if you have to get up 15 minutes early  to accomplish it …do it… try planning what you will have for breakfast the night before…Make something for breakfast up and have them on hand…set your items you need out the night before.. for example..if your having oatmeal. Set out a bowl and spoon..a banana and knife to cut it.. a few nuts in a zip lock bag..lay out the package of oatmeal..even measure out your water…first thing when you get up..assamble the oatmeal and pop it in the microwave, let it cook while you get ready… if you plan ahead you can make BREAKFAST happen!!!

Good luck with the routine changes…I will be right there with you..including them in mine!





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