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I love Weight Watchers online tools…especially the weekly tracker… what is so good about it you ask? Well it tells me when I am eating the most..Breakfast? Lunch ? Dinner? I already knew that night-time was my hardest time , but the chart verifies that fact! Now I have to “fix” it…adjust my eating and not snack at night..even when I still have the points..
I feel If I ate my snacks of fruit and veggies…early..then may be I won’t need them at night..the worst time to eat…
I will try adjusting that starting today.. and see if that helps.. I really like “seeing” this in a chart… although I am not having a low in weight loss.. if you were you could use this as a tool to see when your eating most of your points..
it should be , breakfast or lunch…eating light in the evening…

This is just another great thing about Weight Watchers online tools.. one of many that help you learn to control your eating.. by looking at our eating patterns on the chart…we can overcome and adapt our situation to maximize our weight loss.. and in the long run ..get healthy.. and getting healthy is what it is all about…


So if your on the fence about weight watcher online…jump off..and join it…you can thank me later..



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