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Saying -Good-bye

122I am saying good-bye today.. to my companion…my confidant…at times my love…and my best friend…
We shared our life in every way….I had come too depend on your for comfort. You comforted me in some of the worst times of my life..and you shared in my joys… I realize now I had become addicted to you…in so many ways.. you were my ROCK when no one else could come near..

Together we have pulled all nighters…crying…trying to comfort me…you always gave me comfort..but how did I not know…you were my addiction? I became so dependent on you.. for everything..for my happiness..taking me out of joy…my failures…my successed…you became my life..

When did I stop living my life…when did I hand you over the controls to me? I can’t say when it all begin…it’s been so long ago… but I can tell you that it is going to STOP today…PERIOD!

You have held me back… you were not looking out for MY best interst…Oh, how easy it was to fall into you trap of lies…YES, LIES!!!…How easy it was for me to put on your rose-colored glasses and believe you were really looking out for me..

But that Stops TODAY… it isn’t going to be easy.. Oh, How I know, it will be trying at times.. But it has to be done to save ME!

You will not have control over me anymore…you are DEAD to me.. DEAD I TELL YOU! DEAD!

For if you don’t DIE , I fear it shall be ME…

I am going to leave you with a smile..and swift kick in the ass….I am booting you out of here…THUMP!

IT will be lonely standing here..bearing my soul to myself , instead of you…
IT will be difficult but not impossible to go on living without you..

But I know the heavens and earth shall shine down on me…helping me blaze my OWN trail in life..helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel…

I will draw my strength from GOD..not you… GOD and others like me…who actually LOVE did not truly love me…
Look at me.. LOOK at me… you tell me that you love me , Just the way I am…? How ? How do you love what you have done to BEAST! YOU DEVIL!!!!!!!!!…you HATER of all things good…how do you love me like this..when I can’t even love myself?

I will forget you with time..and help… I have many on my side..routing me on…cheering for me.. wanting what is best for me..

Shame on you!!.. Shame on me, for allowing you to take CONTROL of my life.. well today I am talking back control of my LIFE! I am going to live the life I have dreamed of… The life I want.. Will I make mistakes? Of course..don’t we all.. but it’s what you take away from those mistakes that make you who you are… with a dedicated team behind me..showing me the way..not controlling me.. I will take my life back…and it will be a healthy life.. a better life… a life that has been trapped inside me for so many years…

Good bye Addiction to food…you are dead.. you no longer are in the drivers seat…It’s ME now..from here on in.. the decisions I make are my OWN.. The decisions I make will be the BEST healthy decisions I can possibly make… they will change my life…and let me live the adventurous Life I have always wanted..

No more dreaming..just a whole lot of doing….watch out Addiction.. I will do everything in my power to eradicate you from my world and the world of others.. you will become extinct…


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