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Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook


This is a review of the Weight Watchers NEW Complete Cookbook. My son picked us a copy at Sams Club last week.. as with any new cookbook I ever get ..I sit down and read it like a book.. ( I know unusual , right?) I love the pages with pages encourages me to make the dish…just by how it looks… and this cook book …is already one of my favorites!

SO many recipes I want to try!!!
Today I made the Classic Beef-Barley Soup found on page 125.
Let me tell you this is one good soup! Even my meat-eating son loved it!! I doubled the recipe because I wanted to put some in the freezer for quick use later..on those busy days…

This was not only a great tasting soup..but it was Quick and easy.. two things I like about a recipe…we did adapt it jus ta little by not putting in the lima beans..and adding a potato…I raised the WW pints to 5 instead of the 4 it states in the recipe…it’s worth the extra point to have the potato..even though its a small potato…diced finely makes a difference..

There are so many recipes that I can’t wait to try! Lots of different soups, ( Mexican-Style Chicken Corn Soup is next) and many Chicken recipes..which we can chicken to chicken Cacciatore to a Spicy Chicken Curry!

Now when it gets to desserts…I am a little disappointed… at first my excitement ran high…OMG! Chocolate -Buttermilk Bundt cake…oh my..or how about Lemon Cheesecake with Blueberry Sauce..or my favorite Cherry Pie! What I can have these on Weight Watchers.. that I made myself..on dear.. I was beside myself..until I read the portion size..the Chocolate -Buttermilk Bundt Cake was for a serving of 1/24 of a cake…? What? who cuts a Bundt cake into 24 pieces? The Lemon Cheesecake with Blueberry Sauce..are you ready? 1/32 of a cake? Do you know what 1/32 of a cake looks like? Me neither…cause it would be so small you couldn’t see it with the naked eye! And my favorite Cherry pie? 1/16 of a pie… now I am lucky if I cut a pie into 8 pieces , let alone 16! Shame on you weight watchers…I would of rather had some dessert recipes..for two..or even one.. that I can sink my teeth into..rather than a WHOLE dessert that is going to sit on my counter…cut in tiny pieces..only to have me devour three or four just satisfy me…I can’t be trusted with something that is divided into 1/32 or 1/16 sections… so for me..they could of left out the dessert might be fine if you are taking it to a function…so you don’t have to have it hang around your house to haunt you.. but I will
pass on the desert section…it’s not worth my points…!

But in all the cookbook is great…it has livable recipes that you and I can make..into delious meals…it even has a Slow cooker section! I would give it a 4 out of 5..because of the dessert section…and the fact the div

When choosing a healthy cookbook…like Weight Watchers..remember to watch your points..somethings are tasty enough to warrant my points..others are a waste of time.. remember they are your points..use them wisely…



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