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Micro Tip of the day!



Some people think health-conscious food is boring or bland.  But the truth is, flavor doesn’t always come with extra calories.

Try adding flavor to your dishes..with little to no extra calories or fat! Check out the list and give it a try!

Heat Even though you might not want to chew on a chili, that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from heat. Flavor and satisfaction often come from heat and a little can go a long way. Try new seasonal flavors from your local grocer or grow your own. Try toasting or roasting peppers for extra zip. In addition, spicy greens can also give you something different without the worry of rubbing your eyes with chili oil on your hands!

Acid Acids are sneaky. Even though it’s easy to think about using things like lemons and limes in your cooking, other citrus like oranges or even a basic vinegar can really pack a punch. They’re what give most store-bought dressings and sauces there kick, so make them work for you too!

Herbs Herbs are calorie free for the most part and are a sensational way to add a serious zing. Just make sure to bruise tough ones like rosemary to get the most bang for your buck. Plant your own and go crazy with those intense flavors!

Char Grilling, either indoors or out, is a great way to add something special to your food.

Salt Although weight loss doesn’t usually go hand in hand with salty foods, a sprinkle of good salt (heck, even basic kosher salt) can change a ho-hum dish to a holy moley dish!

Use fresh Herbs to add flavor to your food..instead of calories!!!


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