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Weigh In day!


Today was “D-day.. you know the dreaded WEIGH IN DAY at weight watchers….why is it we have a love/hate relationship with scales…? One moment they can be the bearer of GREAT NEWS and the next moment they deliver the SAD NEWS! UGH!

Scales measure our success or our failure on our healthy lifestyle journey… I have been on many diets in my lifetime..too many to count actually… and I always measured my success or lack there of…by the scales…in reality..I shouldn’t have..why you ask?

Because there are a lot of variables that go into account for our weight of that day. ie…clothing, time of day, last time you ate..time of month..( water gain)….etc…

I find that the scales can also dictate how I will eat for the day…good and bad… if I get on the scale and I’ve lost.. I may have a tendency to eat more…because of my loss… if I’ve gone up on the scales.. I may throw in the towel and say. ..forget it .. “I did everything right yesterday and it says I’ve gained…so today I am going to eat what I want dammit”!

It’s a no win situation…so what does a person do?
We have to change our attitude towards scales…they need to become our new best friend… gain or lose.. Yes , I said it … gain or lose…we should be in love with our scales.. for if we change our attitude about our new best friend , we can actually let the scales help us in our healthy journey…

If we record a gain on the scales..instead of beating ourselves over the head about it ..we need to take the time to think about it..and learn from the gain..if need be… and move on… we can use the scales to help us keep on track…to nudge us into watching what we eat…allowing ourselves a “leeway” around 5-7 pounds..felxability.. when we get into the higher number zone we need to reign things in..until the scale reads back at our goal…

And if we lose by the scale..we can do the HAPPY DANCE! REJOYCING in our lost…and letting it remind us, we are going good things…and to keep up the good job…( not use it for a reason to eat more..)

I think we should only weigh in once a week..less if you are at goal..maybe once every two weeks… you should NOT become tied to the scales… don’t think of them as a ball and chain around your ankle…dragging behind you at every meal..thinking “if I eat this how much will it weigh on my body”? Let it go…Once a week weigh in is enough.

Know that our scales are only for measuring our weight..up and down…its a tool to let us know if we are on track..or not.. it’s trying to save our lives…by giving us a “heads up” if we are getting out of control with our eating..although I just about bet your clothing fitting a little snug..or fitting loose on you, was your first clue…!

So become “best friends” with your scales.. be in charge of it..not controled by it…weigh only once a week..same time each time.. best time,first thing in the morning…and get naked…that way you can’t convince yourself that the extra weight is the clothing you have on…
And lastley..listen to your scales… it’s a wonderful indicator of how your doing on your new healthy life style..if you are recording consistent gains..figure out why? are you an evening snacker? Thinking one cookies is ok..but eating the whole bag? Record what you eat and be honest.. the writing on the wall and the numbers on the proof of what you are doing..scales can differ a few pounds high or low…towards your Dr scales..or those at weight watchers…remember the number you are not in for a disappointing weigh in, because your numbers don’t weigh in time..

For me.. I love my scales.. they are my best friend…I know I’m weird , right? I weigh in ONCE a week.. naked…first thing ( after I pee) in the morning… and if I am truthful about my week… I already know what it will register…up or down…within two pounds of my WW meeting scales…
My scales don’t own me.. they are just another tool in my arsenal of healthy living tools…they are just as useful to me as the measuring cups in my cabinet..they let me keep tabs on what I am putting into my body… and at the moment I love them…

They keep me honest in my journey to a healthy lifestyle..because I know ..I have to step on them once a week and that is the only measurable account of how I lived my week to WW…and after all ..isn’t that one reason I am working so hard..on my healthy lifestyle lose weight? They are my “PROOF” if you will..of me doing the program correctly..and if it continues to register WW teams will help me figure it out…and I like that!

Well without further ado….when I weighed in today at WW….I registered a 10.8 pound weight loss this week!… yes…
MR. Clooney ( yes George Clooney is my scales name…hey, don’t judge me!)…you are indeed “My NEW BEST FRIEND”! And I am indeed doing the HAPPY DANCE!

happy dance



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