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Mico tip of the day

Variety of fresh fruit and vegetablesGetting more fruits and vegetables into your day…for some of us.. me included…getting in all of those healthy fruit sand vegetables can be a little difficult…so what I try to do is set out my fruit allowance for the day… if you work..set it on your desk…right in front of you..so you can see what you need to eat…

As for veggies… So many times I bring them home and forget about them.. and when I get to them.. they are spoiled and I have to throw hard-earned money..out in the garbage… no more…when I get home I simply take the time to cut them up and put them in containers..so now I can reach for them..at a moments notice and they are ready for me to enjoy!!! It not only helps me to get my veggies in..but I am not throwing my money away!!!!

Give it a try…did you know that half of your plate should be fruit and vegetables? Its true…
Give this site a glance.. and figure out how many fruits and vegetable you need a day.


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One thought on “Mico tip of the day

  1. Good ideas! šŸ™‚

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