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More salad please

I love salads…love love love them… but I hate..hate …hate to make them!

When I make a salad it looks like this…

and that is not what I had in mind.. that is the kind of salad that can only be helped by heaping spoonfuls of high sugar salad dressing….but when I think of a salad I think of this…


or even this…

I need a salad making fairy Godmother…you know the one with the magic wand that comes into the room and with a flick of the wrist and some calorie free sprinkles..turns my boring salad into a master piece.. one that you just can’t wait to eat every bite of!!!

But in Bev’s world there is no salad making fairy godmother..sad for me.. but I can read… thank goodness…and these days you can google just about anything…so why not google..salad recipes…depending on what you’re in the mood for.. you could google chicken salad on lettuce greens.. for a wonderful recipe…or how about apple walnut salad….you get the picture…google what you’re in the mood for..and find a recipe…after doing this a few times.. it gives you ideas..that you can carry into the kitchen with you..and be your own salad making fairy Godmother…with just a dash of this and a pinch of that.. you can turn any boring salad into a MASTERPIECE!!!! Give it a try…

Here is a wonderful web site for salads I found when I did my google search..
75 recipes for salad..that should get you started!






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One thought on “More salad please

  1. I need a salad making fairy godmother too. If you find where to get one, let me know!

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