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Letter to yourself


Tonight I wrote a letter to myself… A letter that is only to be opened if I start to think that this whole , healthy lifestyle living is not for me.. and I want to quit…I hope I won’t need that letter.. But if I need it.. I have it..

In the letter I remind myself of all the reasons i want to get healthy.. I remind myself how awful I felt at my highest weight.. and how I thought I might early death , because of my weight.. and how all of the other health issues I was having a direct result of the weight..

I took the time to write the letter , because I don’t want to do back to where I was… I don’t want to quit.. I know that at times it will be hard to continue on my healthy life style journey.. but I wrote the letter to make myself remember all the bad.. and how I don’t want to go back there …ever again..

I remind myself of my goals for the future and what I want to do in my retirement.. teach classes in weight loss.. healthy lifestyle living.. and teach exercise for over 55! I also want to travel…I love travel.. And I want to be a travel agent…

I have to remind my self of all that I want to do.. as a reminder in case I need it.

I want to see my grandchildren be born and grow up.. I want them to know their Nanna….I have so much more living to do.. I have so much time to make up!!! So many years I wasted on life.. because I was too fat…

I will put the letter in an envelope…and put it on the frig.. so I can see it… if I ever think that I want to quit this journey I will open it and read it and cry..and it will remind me..why I wanted to do this journey..why I needed to do this journey…I want to live…

Maybe I won’t need it.. maybe I will continue to change my life in wonderful ways that will keep improving my quality of life… I hope so..but if I don’t.. and I want to quit.. I will read the letter and remind myself.. I want to live..a full healthy my old age… I am not ready for a wheel chair kind of life..

I want this for ME! I hope you will write yourself a letter..just in case you need it.. on any bad day when you want to give up..and you think its just too hard.. read that letter and let it be your encouragement to continue on your healthy life style! Remember your worth it!


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One thought on “Letter to yourself

  1. That is a really great idea! It sounds like you’ve come a long way; keep going strong! 🙂

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