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Micro tip of the day

Need fruit on the go, with no container and no silverware!! Give Pineapple on a stick a try! Not only is it easy to fix…it’s a hit with Adults and children alike!

Many years ago our local grocery had pineapple on a stick. My sons loved them.. we moved away and I was never able to find them anywhere! Until now…while at our local Harris son found these sticks… and said..hey why don’t you make us some pineapple on a stick for a healthy WW snack!

They were easy… I went to Sam’s club and purchased a tub of pineapple spears…you could cut up the pineapple your self…and then slice into spears..or into chunks…and then thread them on the sticks…

You may ask..why don’t I just use a Kabob skewer…will those are really long.. I know there are some short ones..but these are just the right they are bigger around that the usual ones.. I would call these candy apple sticks…. they hold the pineapple on better…

Go ahead give them a try to a wonderful snack… and use them for other fruit as well… banana and strawberrys…kiwi chucks and grapes.. it’s good for you and portable…! Love them!


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