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Weight loss high


I love the way I feel right now…you know that weight loss high you get when your just starting out on your weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey….I love how I feel like I can do anything in the world right now.. I am QUEEN! I RULE the WORLD! I am going to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I liken it to a “runners High”….even though I have no ideal what that feels like..cause I don’t run! But I hear about how it makes people feel…. and I think that is what it’s like…

The problem is ..we all know that more often than that ..we lose that feeling.. at some point.. and way to soon for some… while one person might lose the high on weight loss feeling with in days.. other can go weeks…and still get that feeling…I am on my third week now…and I am still on the “weight loss high”! And I like it… I don’t want to lose it… but I fear that I will.. after all I have felt this way before..and loss it… so why should this time be different?

Oh , if I could only “bottle” up that feeling and save it for the day when I don’t feel it anymore…Oh how wonderful would that be.. if we could just take a drink from the “bottled” up weight loss excitement potion..and get that feeling back!!! Just as quickly as we lost it!!! Goodness I would be a millionare if I could come through on that feat!
but sadly…I can not bottle up the weight loss excitement…but I can try to keep my excitement going for as long as I can… I want to remain excited at every ounce I lose.. I want to get excited when I make good healthy choices… I want to keep this feeling inside me..when I walk yet another mile on my walking route!!

I need to continue to pat myself on the back.. when I do something good for my health. I need to say ..”that a girl” when I reach another goal..! I need to be my own “personal trainer” WITH my positive thoughts about my journey…
No negative talk is allowed from here on in.. only positive words!!!! I may make small changes that only I know of , towards my healthy lifestyle goals..but each of those healthy changes together ..make a difference…in MY LIFE! In my JOURNEY to a healthier me!! And I will “CELEBRATE” each of those milestones in my life.. and I will be my biggest cheerleader!!!

And just maybe …maybe I can keep this losing weight feeling…for a very long time..!!!!



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