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Kung Pao Chicken WW 6 points


Kung Pao Chicken was on our menu for dinner! And boy was it wonderful!!! Lots of stir fry vegetables..with some stir fry chicken , Chow Mein Stir fry noodles..and Kung Pao Sauce! If you love oriental’ve got to try our recipe!!! My son Michael is the WOK expert! So I was his side kick on this one!

1 bag of Asian Stir Fry vegetables… 1 cup 1 WW point

4 TAB of Panda Express Kung Pao Sauce  2 points

1 cup of Wel Pac Chow Mein Stir-Fry Noodles..6 points

6 ounces of fresh chicken cut into bite size chunks  4 POINTS

In separate kettle..heat water and cook noodles according to package direction.. drain and rinse with COLD water..set aside




Add a dash of olive oil in WOK and let heat up…add chicken and let cook….until just about done…add 2 cups of vegetables..stir until mixed with chicken… when  vegetables are done..add cooked noodles..mix well.. then add the Kung Pao Sauce..mix well with tongs…let sauce heat through…


Makes Two servings….6 WW points per serving


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