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My Gazelle Machine!




This is a picture of my Tony Little Gazelle.. I love this machine.. is glides …low impact on my bad knees… and boy can you get your heart rate up on this thing!! It doesn’t take up much room.. and can easily moved around.. I have it in the corner of my bedroom… and move it out each time I use It…

When I started on my healthy life style journey…I dug out my Gazelle…and wiped off the cob webs…and gave it a spin.. that was over two weeks ago… I started slowly… I worked my way up to a mile…a day…. I know it doesn’t seem like much.. be to me it was a big deal… after doing a  mile a day for 5 days… I decided to do it twice a day…after doing that a few days…I went to three times a day… then I changed it up and worked my way to three miles at a time.. twice a day… then four miles twice a day… then five.. you get the picture.. move at your own pace.. I really wanted to gear it today…

I went for a  five mile walk this morning… I felt great all day… so much energy! I didn’t even take a nap today.. which I think had just become a Habit..not a need…no more naps!

Well this evening I got on the gazelle and did another 5 miles! For a total of 10 miles today!! WHEW! And to think , when I started out I couldn’t even do a  mile! OMG! In almost three weeks , I am up to 10 miles a day!!! I love it!  If the weather is nice , I like to walk outside..but if it’s not..the gazelle is the next best thing!!!

I know they say you would feel so much better if you exercise..but this is a crazy good feeling! I also like the fact, that no matter what the weather is.. I can still exercise on my Gazelle!!! I am going to work it into my schedule three times  a week.. that will be 30 miles a week.. another two days will be for swimming…that way I can mix it up  a little bit!!!

If you have bad knees ..this is a great way to get a good exercise program in… when the weather warms up… I will be hitting the hiking trails!!!

Exercise…you will feel so much better!






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