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Love the On Top of the world feeling!

I love this feeling of “CONTROL” that I have come to know in the last three weeks… It’s a feeling I have not know for some time..I am so glad it’s back!!

I like going to the grocery store and being in control of what I choose to take home with me.. I am not controlled by sample tasting.. not even  pretty packaging ….or featured placed products…

I go in with my list of items needed..( which I made after I planned my meals for the whole week) and I stick to it..  today was the first time I went into the grocery confidant that I was  in control… no more fear about what was going to be my  tempting me in the next aisle..I know what I want and I go get it…

That’s not to say I may see a product I think we may life to try… first things first…figure the WW Points..and then I try to think about how I will use that product..before it even goes into my cart..I think we can get too many “snacky” things.. I love a “treat” but I don’t want a house full of them…I need more fruits and veggies.. just because It has a low count on the WW points scale , doesn’t mean its good for you..or that you need it..

Be picky…about the food you choose.. think about how it will nourish your body…how can it benefit you to have it at home..will it be calling your name until it’s all gone? If so …PUT IT BACK! ( come on..I know you guys are with me on this… some things just call out your name..until they are all gone!…DON’T TAKE THEM HOME WITH YOU.. 3  points for a snack is ok..but if you are helping yourself to two, three or four servings..get it out of your cart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

With only  four weeks on WW…under my belt.. I have become a WW points “SLUTH” in the label department…my son and I try to guess how many WW points is in a serving ..just by reading the ingredients… we’re usually pretty close…it feels good to be able to do that… I feel like I am control of the food choices I make …for once in my life…

Don’t get me wrong.. I know that there will be challenges along the way..I don’t have on rose-colored glasses..but for now…don’t bust my bubble..everything is falling into place.. I feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD…I feel like I can do this forever…and I am enjoying every pound leaving my body…. I am enjoying the feeling of being a loser…each week…Oh Weight Watchers..where have you been all my life!


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