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Baked Taco Rack Product review



taco rackThis is our new TACO we can make our own Tacos!!! BAKED!!! When I saw it in the store I just had to have it.. I love TACO’s! And since fish and shrimp taco’s are our NEW FAVORITE thing…I though how perfect is this!!!

taco cookerThis is what it looks like out of the box…before putting the tortillas on the baker.. heat the tortillas in the microwave about 8 seconds to let them get a little soft, so they will lay over the baker.. if you do not do this..they will break!!!

tacos on trayAnd this is what it looks like with the Corn Tortillas on it and ready to bake… easy peasy! Cook at 375 for 7-10 minutes

TacodoneAnd this is the baked Taco shell!!!!

This was so easy to use.. At just one weight watchers point each.. I think we will be having TACOS more often… once these are cool you can put them into a crush proof container for use later… when ready to use ..microwave for about 15 seconds… before filling..

We give this product FIVE STARS! *****




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