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Converting our life into a healthy lifestyle..without fast foods!

In a world where you can get the  World-Famous FREE 72oz. STEAK DINNER (if eaten in 1 hour).

72 steak


not to mention Triple decker whoppertriple whopper2


Not to be outdone by McDonalds Double Fish sandwhich

double fish

and yet another in the competive world of supersize…Wendy’s Baconator

wendys baconnator

hey for a mere few dollars more we can make that healthy option at Subway into a contender for SUPER Size status.Oh wait’s now free!double

At Golden Corral we can eat it all! EVERYTHING we could ever want!!!!!! Including the Chocolate Waterfall!!!!

golden corral chocolate waterfall

And you have to pile your plate these all you can eat places..after all don’t you want your money worth???


And for a mere 1,464 calories you can get a large serving of fries at FIVE GUYS! Enough to feed four!


Or how about a Starbucks Hazelnut Signature Hot Chocolate for only 600 Calories! 600 just for a Hot Chocolate!



They throw everything at you with this gigantic sundae served in our own specially made sink! We take three sliced bananas, scoops of your choice of up to 8 flavors of ice creams, 8 servings of toppings, mounds and mounds of whipped cream, chopped toasted almonds and cherries. Serves one (if you dare) to six people. Perfect for birthdays and special celebrations. Includes a picture to take home and one on our Wall of Fame..

kitchen sink

According to the Internet, the average human stomach can comfortably hold about 32 ounces (just under a litre) of fluid. Of course, in a highly-Westernized culture that comes dangerously close to celebrating obesity, I suspect that the “average” stomach can hold quite a bit more.


Case in point: The “Double Gulp” from 7-11, which is a fountain drink designed for consumption by a single person, and which is sold in a portion size of 64 ounces.

Yes, the Double Gulp is appropriately named — it’s twice as big as your stomach should be able to handle. Yikes.

If the science quoted by is correct, your stomach can absorb that amount of liquid only slowly:

Now, your stomach can process liquids at about a rate of 200-400 ml an hour according to research done by Shils et al. in 1994. The rate mostly depends on what else is in your stomach at the time of digestion. Generally speaking, an empty stomach will digest the liquid fastest. This means that if you want to actually drink the entire double big gulp without needing to vomit or otherwise stretch your stomach to extremes it’s not meant to handle, the absolute quickest you could do it, assuming starting on a completely empty stomach and not lucky enough to be an American with our lifetime of practice stretching our stomachs to extremes, will be approximately 4.73 hours.

FOLKS what are we doing to our bodies!!!!!!!!!! In the world of Fast food,Quick meals of drinks that have more calories than our whole daily allotted amounts…we are killing ourselves…one “super sized” meal at a time… when did the switch happen..? When did we go to McDonald’s to get the 25 cent hamburger and ended up getting the double FISH? At what point did we say I want a TRIPLE meat whopper , cause the regular one isn’t enough? When did we find the need to super size our meals?

Do you know the average size portion of meat should be the size of a deck of cards??? I bet you would be hard pressed to go anywhere and serve someone a 3 oz steak and not get yelled out! “WHERE”S  MY STEAK”!!! Our World has become a world of fatties…yea I said it.. FATTIES! Fat asses!!!! PIGGIE WIGGIES!

When we lived In England we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken to get a drink and something to “hold us over” until dinner.. we ordered the popcorn chicken… when we received the bag via the drive through window..I thought We would “PEE” our pants laughing so what we had gotten!! It was the usual looking box with the closed lid..only micro size…with four bites in it!!!!!! Now don’t eat all of those before dinner , I said..!

Not once in England did I ever see an all you can eat place? With every meal/sandwhich..we got a small bit of salad…every meal, even in pubs! Never was I asked to “SUPER SIZE” a meal…

When did American’s become so obsessed with food? And in fat?

I must admit , I was on the train to death by my own hand…I lived the life of fast food..the bigger the better…and by body suffered…terrably! At what point do we say…. Enough is enough…I DON”T WANT THAT!

America , we have to take better care of ourselves… WAKE UP! Smell the roses ( not coffee) and get back on track… we live a dangerous lifestyle , us Americans… one that is sure to wipe out our Nation..

I remember when Jamie Oliver did the  Food Revolution  thing over here.. He was Attacked and ridiculed fearlessly! OMG! Jamie was trying to help American’s.. But, BY GOD NO ONE IS GOING TO TELL OUR COUNTRY HOW TO EAT!

Wake up…Wake UP… if our Nation is going to continue to be on TOP.. we have to learn to put down those burgers and fries that are on every corner of our Country and get back to cooking simple, healthy , balanced meals.. we are going to have to quite relying on food to “feel better” about ourselves.. we are going to have to PUSH our chairs away from the table when full… we are going to have to eat healthier NOW!

America, get on board with this.. take your life back..let your meals be your own again.. forget the fast food..and the triple burgers and fries… More importantly…think more of your life and body than to fill it with all that junk!

Exercise more.. eat healthy and we can live more product lives… get real….look at our obesity rate in this country!

Adult Obesity Facts

Obesity  is common, serious and costly

  • More  than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese.
  • ONE THIRD of all American Adults are OBESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • We have to stop this madness… I, for one will do all I can to educate others…to live a healthier shall become my personal Mission in life…. Please join me… stop filling your bodies with junk… NOW!





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