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Living a balanced healthy lifestyle

For those that follow me.. You know that I have been MIA for a few weeks now.. sorry for this.. but I have been trying to get a balance going in my healthy lifestyle journey…it hasn’t been easy…

My old way of life was spent in front of the TV …in front of the computer..or tied to my cell phone..if I couldn’t have one of these close at hand..I could go into a full blown “PANTIC ATTACK”! I mean how could I live without being “connected all the time!!!!!! 24 /7 I had to be able to reach out and …..and what? Wait for that next text…or wait for the next best “post” on facebook…or I just “had” to see the newest shows on tv…and follow the darn thing like a Rock Star groopie….

So when I started on my healthy lifestyle journey, it never “occured” to me that I would have to change any of these things.. I just need to change my eating..right? WRONG…
In fact to much of my surprise… I started changing it right away… And believe me I was screaming and kicking all the way….it was difficult for me to “give up” my habits… I mean come on , give me a break.. I am already eating better.. I have to change my unhealthy living habits too? PHEW!!!!!!!!
As I was spending more time..planning, preparing..and researching healthy lifestyles… little things started creeping into my thoughts… as I wake each day to the sound of the TV…which I would watch for hours… I’d start getting this gnawing feeling.. like I should get off my “bum” and do something else…you know move more… get more active…even writting my blog..made me feel guilty at times.. that I just needed to be out moving more and not sitting at the computer , researching for my next article…and do you think I could walk around the block without needing to be tied to the cell phone????

I needed a few weeks to try and find a balance between my healthylife style and my “OLD lifestyle”…. after all I can’t change my whole life…or can I? I pondered this question over and over in my head… change my whole life? Should I? Why Do I need to change it all? Well the answer was there right in front of me… ALL “311” pounds of me.. yes, I needed to change it all….well, ok there are somethings I won’t change.. like , ? Ok , Like I will never like cows brains…ok! But it really made me OPEN UP MY EYES and see that the life style I was living…is what was helping me to keep getting fatter and fatter!
It was an epiphany moment for me… you know a real eye opener!!!! Yes.. my lifestyle was “killing” me.. no exercise was healthy eating …no life Basically….so YES I did need to change EVERYTHING! But the notion of this was almost overwelming.. How on earth will I change “everything”? Well the answer is simple.. baby steps… little tiny changes that make a big impact… yes, changing my eating habits to HEALTHY ones was a HUGE step towards my healthy lifestyle..but changing the way I lived my life..was going to be even a bigger step…


Shutting off the TV was my biggest , boldest first move.. Yes I did! I do not allow myself to turn it on the first thing in the morning. Why? Because I have so much more life to live and It isn’t in front of a TV…
In the morning, I get up and exercise first thing… I have been walking the neighborhood and I feel great right at the start of my day! At first I could only go around the block “once” … that was a huge accomplishment for me..then I challenged myself to twice around the block…then it was twice around the block two times a day… now , in only three weeks.. I am doing three to five miles at a time…and sometimes twice a day!!!!!!!!!! What a difference it has made in my life…

Another change I have made is to meditat..first thing in the morning I sit up ..put on my meditation music.. and chill out….for 15 minutes…something I have never done.. never!! I also do it in the evening.. it cleanses my thoughts.. and is very relaxing … changing the stress in my life is an important factor in order to change my
“stress” overeating! I also move more.. my house has never been cleaner! My yard could be up for “Yard of the month”! My cars are clean inside and out.. and my dogs look like they are ready for the WEISTMINESTER dog show! Not to mention Madolyn has loss five pounds of her own on this healthy life style journey..just being my walking companion!!!

Was it easy..yes and no.. the hardest thing was taking that first “Step”… shuting off the TV and finding something to do.. I just didn’t realize how much I didn’t do anymore…no wonder I’m FAT! Good heavens.. I should of gotten off my BUM years ago…I find it very challenging to get up and move , daily… always looking for something else to do! Last weekend I spent “ALL DAY” putside in the yard.. coming in only for meals and water.. and oh the occassional bathroom breaks! All day… out in the sun….enjoying the beautiful weather and fresh air.. I couldn’t tell you the last time i spend all day outdoors!!

The benifits of all of these changes…have been a welcomed surprise… I belive my unhealthy “funk” has lifted …those dark clouds have been looming over me for years… now everything seems Brighter and better…I have so much “ENERGY” I am constantly looking for something else to do! I have a great attiude..not so grumpy..not so negititve.. I am telling you all this movement and healthy eating is “CHANGING ME”! And not just in a physcial way..but a “spiritual” way…and I just LOVE IT!
In closing.. I beg each of you to get off your “bum” and start moving more! Your life will do a complete 36o if you just take that first step and get out and move!!! It doesn’t matter what you choose your movement to be…. walking, swimming, hiking, kayaking, bowling, dancing … no matter what you choose …just begin…you can thank me later…

I may not be posting as ofter as I had in the past.. but I will be here.. between the walks.. the cleaning… the swimming.. and between all the new great adventures out there for me to discover! Won’t you join me!




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