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Homemade Banana “SOFT serve” ice cream

banana ice cream
This is my new FAVORITE thing to eat right now… I make it just about every other day! I love the taste of it.. the fact its like “real” ice cream.. and the easy to make a real plus…

Late one night while surfing on the TV.. I came across a advert for a machine that made soft service ice cream from frozen bananas… humm neat idea I thought…but I really don’t need another “machine” on my counter after a little brain storming.. I thought, wonder if my MAGIC bullet would do the trick??? With a little minor tweeking…( adding a few drops of water..) It worked!!!!! And boy do we LOVE the outcome… I don’t know why it works…but it does.. I am on a whirl win journey here to create many types of “soft Serve” banana Concockshuns! I do weight watchers so for me this is like hitting the lottery! As long as its fruit…its zero points for me.. and a wonderful treat!!! I will make some that will count as points as I go along. I will share the point values with you…

I know it all sounds crazy..but to make it you use frozen bananas…. yes frozen out of their skin bananas..that you have pre-frozen yourself…without the skins… and cut into about three chunks each ( before freezing). I ususally freeze two bananas in a zip lock bag at a time… and use the RIPE bananas.. I just went to SAMS Club and bought 9 pounds of bananas.. of which 6 pounds were really ripe!!!!!!!!!! Off with their skins and into the freezer they go…

Makes Two servings… take out frozen bag with bananas..( mine has two ) and place frozen banana pieces in blender /magic bullet/food processor..what ever you have… ( if you use the need to add a few tablespoons of water to help it along ..not much… also I have to jiggle my bullet around and up and get the frozen banana to blend well..and shouldn’t have to do this with a blender or food processer..and if I only used one banana ..I might not have to add the water..) this is when you decide what you want to add…you can add whatever you want …the possibilities are endless…
What ever added fruit you put…it must be frozen…and it doesn’t work without the banana… No I dont’ know just doesn’t… this is the banana… doesn’t it look delish!
banana ice cream

Next I tried banana/triple berry.. I bought the berries already frozen at SAMS CLUB… I added 1/2 cup of berries to my frozen banana pieces… it is sooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I made banana cinnamon…to the frozen banana pieces I added about 4 TAB. of cinnamon and 1 tesp. of vanilla and two packets of splenda… whirl it all together ..and total goodness in a frozen state…

And since I had made two servings.. and my son was at work.. ( no I didn’t eat them both).. I put it in the freezer to see how it would work out.. and its yummo!!!!


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One thought on “Homemade Banana “SOFT serve” ice cream

  1. Oh yummy!!! Sounds like such a treat 😀

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