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Mini vacation..going prepared!


This weekend will be my first Mini vacation…in awhile.. and the first since I started living a healthy lifestyle…I am a little nervous about this… I want to stay true to my healthy lifestyle…and true to myself.. I will be traving with family…and I don’t want anyone to think they have to eat somewhere “special” just for me.. Family have already made plans to go to a Greek Restaurant… Yikes… what can I eat there??? And what about getting my fruit in… and what about my water…and my snacks… at home I am set into a routine… I know what I am going to eat..when and where… but starting will be on the to speak… and I am trying to get myself ready for this…both physically and emotionally… I don’t not …let me rephrase that… I will not come out of this weekend with a GAIN!… NO WAY!

So after taking some deep breaths.. I have come up with a plan of attack!!! First off I called the hotel to see if our room will have a frig…No it does not.. which is good to know.. they said I could pay an extra $80 a night for a room with a frig.. no thanks.. I didn’t want to buy the frig..just use it! Back up plan is to keep my food at my sons apartment.. I can fix it there! OR thirdly..I can ask for some boiled water at a restaurant and fix it myself!
and then I did some meal planning..I looked up the Greek Restaurant online and viewed the menu ahead of time.. so I can plan what I want to eat..and I went out and purchased some snacks!
I don’t have to worry about exercise…I will be doing lots of walking… in the morning I can have my oatmeal or my Weight Watchers Omlet..with some fresh oranges.. I have cheeseits , pretzels, and nuts for snack time.. and I will be carring my water bottle! Lunch… will be subway…can’t go wrong with them… just keep those veggies coming…dinner cooked by my daughter in law will be delish as always.. and she cooks healthy so I am not worried about that meal! It will be great and will keep me on point..

I feel at ease now.. I have a plan.. I can stick to. And in a pinch I have my weight watchers app on my phone and I can look up my point count on any foods! I got this ! I can see a lose in my future weigh in… keeping with in the points…thats all I have to do…now if we just don’t pass a Homemade Gelato stand ..I will be ok!


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One thought on “Mini vacation..going prepared!

  1. Planning should help a lot 🙂 Hope you have a great break!

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