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Banana oatmeal crisp (microwave)


I wanted something different this morning.. I wanted banana’s…. I don’t know what my fasination is with banana’s but I can’t seem to get enough of them… I have already shared my banana soft serve ice cream…which I am constantly making.. but now I wanted a healthy cookie…oatmeal breakfast thing… no extra sugar or fat.. I didn’t want it to be a lot of Weight Watcher points…It needed to be quick…and it needed to taste good..

So I went to the kitchen and started smashing me some bananas….and this is what I came up with..

2 smashed overly ripe banana’s…and 1/2 cup quick oats…2 teaspoons cinnamom

stir well..and place in microwave for three minutes…..leave alone and do not stir!

Take out …and this is what you get..! Delish crisp cinnammmon tasting banana oatmeal! YUMMO!


It is delish by itself or you can add a 2 point yogurt in your choice of flavors.. I choose peach…to add once it is all cooked and in the dish!

Weight watcher points is 2 points ( for the oatmeal )..if you add yogurt..add the points for the yogurt.. I loved the peach with the oatmeal/banana combination… but I think blueberry, strawberry any of those would be good..

Now I must put this disclaminer out there.. Yes I did figure out this recipe all on my own.. but in doing a little after the fact research… I found that I am not alone..:( others have done this before me… dang…I thought it would be an original recipe! Oh on to make that perfect oatmeal banana cookie with no sugar… I think I got this!


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