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Banana Oatmeal apple crisp

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I contiune to play with my banana’s! I love banana’s! Until I started MY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE JOURNEY , I had forgotten just how much I love these little things!!! So I am on a roll… banana ice cream ..banana oatmeal crisp… banana oatmeal.. frozen chocolate bananas…banana pudding…oops…not that last one… yet anyway.. I will have to work on that one!!

So today I bought a bag of gala apples…and on my way home I thought..hum …banana oatmeal apple crisp!!! I can do that!!!
And so I was off and running to the kitchen ….to work on this recipe.. I also decided not to “google” it..cause I want it to be my own!!!
Here is the recipie…

Mash two banana’s….

Then add 2 Tablespoons of cinnamon….

Next take one apple….


And chop it up small….”&gt;bana8

Then add it to the banana cinnamon mixture….

Then add 1/2 cup of QUICK cooking oats to the mixture….

Cook mixture in microwave for four minutes…do not stir.. it will come out like this….

Next , transfer cook crisp to a dessert dish ….and top with greek yogurt if you like…

<a href=””>bana2>

I lvoe the taste of this..with the apples… it is very yummy!!! Give it a try ..and share with me ..your banana recipes!


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