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Vacation weigh in ( long)


Well my mini vacation to Washington DC was fantastic!!! It was better than fantastic… cause I got to spend time with my family!!! And any time spent with family…is a special time to me…

As far as sticking to my plan.. I must say I did very well… very well indeed! Not only with food choices..but with walking! As the “OLDEST ” one here.. I must say, with much PRIDE.. I kept up with the younger ones!!! Very well if I must say so myself…! It wasn’t until later in the evening did I begin to “feel” just how well I did keep up with them!!

OMG! My legs hurt soooo badly!!! Painfully badly!!!! But I wasn’t the only one feeling the pain! My nieces, sons and daughter in law..were hurting too!! YEA!! IT wasn’t just me.. not that I wished pain on them ..or anything like that.. but it was good to know… I wasn’t alone… after all we walked over 22 miles in one day! Non stop from 9:00AM to 7:00 pm!!! We started out walking to the Metro..and then walked a short distance to a wonderful resturant for breakfast..
then we got back on the Metro and off to the Holocaust Memorial Museum…where we continued to walk through the displays..for around three hours… then we walked…and walked to view the White House.. but the street was closed…and so we walked to the other side of the White House… and then we took a million pictures of the White House…
Then we walked and walked and walked to the World Bank.. and then walked more to see the Food Trucks… my Niece Amy had been following DC SLICE….and was looking forward to trying a slice… so off we went to find it… and find it we did.!!
And yes I tired one bite… and it was fantastic!!!
By this time we had been walking for around five hours…but until we sat down at the park.. I hadn’t noticed.. until… I tried to get up.. it took a few seconds for my knees to kick in and start moving.. not to mention…my legs!! But I was a trooper and we kept going!! We were headed to the beautiful Georgetown area… we walked.. and walked and walked.. I asked how much longer and was told oh 20 mintues or so… I mentioned…BUS… so we got on the bus and took it to Georgetown.. big mistake… for everyone… I had a tuff time getting off that bus and stepping down…so did others… who I won’t mention…hummm… we walked around the beautiful water front… a storm was brewing..but it still was very nice.. then…came the walking into town part…we walked… Up inclines…and up inclines… and up… good heavens.. that was ruff! ..then we walked all through Georgetown looking for the “FRENCH Market” that was going on.. we decided it was time for lunch and we stopped to eat… I had fish which was very good… No dessert…(yet)…after our late lunch..we were off and running , again.. ok, not running..maybe a slow crawl… it was say the least..but I kept going.. we went one way..and then down another street..and then we came across DC Cupcakes… yes DC CUPCAKES!! We stopped and got some for later…
We continues to walk up the hill….in Georgetwon…and walk and walk… when we finally arrived at the “French” market area..there were only two tents set up.. and because of the weather.. We think the rest went ahead and closed up for the day.. we grabbed a bus and headed back to my son and daughter in law’s apartment…
It was a reliefe to get there!! And off our feet!!! We plopped down on the couch.. and enjoyed having our feet resting!!
My beautiful daughter in law…made homemade , yes homemade carrot cake! I figured as much as I had walked.. I deserved a small piece… and I did.. and it was very good… and yes, I wanted more.. but I didn’t… I had some hot tea… and great conversation with my family…around 8…we decided we best go check into the hotel…which was two blocks away… so with suitcases in tow..we took off for our hotel… and once inside.. it was showers… and bed time.. although at one point we realized we had not ate dinner… we were so tired… we all decided to forgo it..but we did eat our DC Cupcakes.. which was very , very good!! Even better I think cause I was starving..but too tired to go to dinner… once in bed… my leggs hurt all night.. it was hard for me to get to sleep…but I finally did..
The next day I let the kids go to the museaum..with out me.. I spent the morning with my daughter in law.. and rested my feet… we did go grocery shopping..and around 2:00 I picked up the others and took them to view a few sites…
first was the 911 Memorial and the Pentagon..

Then the Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Then I took them to see the Vice Presidents house…

And we made a trip down Embassy row…

Next was dinner made by my daughter in law..she is from Tashkent..Uzbekistan and made us a traditional Uzebk dinner..Plov and a delish…tomato/onion and basil salad… and rum cake for dessert!

We had a wonderful meal..and headed back to the hotel to get up at 5:00 to see the sunrise over Arlington National Cemetary…

And do more walking for the day…


and then off to sitesee…








Then we went to get bagels for breakfast…

And then a personal tour of Georgetown University from my daughter in law who graduated from there!

Then it was time ( only 1:30) to drive my nieces to the airport and us head back to Carolina…yes we did all that in the morning!

If I haven’t loss you in all of the storytelling above.. I did it to make a point..
I stayed on track all weekend with my points.. I walked my ass off… like never before!
And yet… through all of this…. I managed to be up 1/2 pound at my weigh in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????????????// REALLY… UP 1/2 POUND?????? What the hell???
I don’t understand it… can’t even explain it.. I got more exercise …than I ever had… and yet.. up 1/2 pound… my leader states I should see it this next week… next week? Why? did I leave it in DC and its walking here?????

Well As much as it “TICKED” me off.. I didn’t binge …I thought about it.. but I didn’t….I stayed on point and held my head high.. and went about my business… this moring I got on the scales… and I am down 6 pounds!!! Really? 6 pounds in two days?
I don’t understand why it took an extra two days to lose it.. but I WILL TAKE IT!!!!! It just goes to prove…scales don’t always tell the whole story… and we shouldn’t let them ruin all of our hard earned work… if the scales don’t agree with what you think they should say… keep working on it… and it will come around… and then you will smile… and say… “I told you so”! Guess all that walking paid off!!!



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2 thoughts on “Vacation weigh in ( long)

  1. Wowwee! Glad you got the benefits of all that walking in the end 🙂 Sometimes our bodies seem to take a while to burn up the fat hey 🙂

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