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Spainish Stuffed peppers WW Points 5 each


Stuffed peppers are a wonderful way to get more brown rice in your diet! I make Spanish Stuffed peppers… My mom called the “stuffing” mixture Spanish rice, when I was growing up and she would serve it many times out of the pepper! She would say that all we ate was stuffing anyway…so she served it to us..on a plate or in a bowl..,minus the green peppers…

I enjoy stuffed peppers..and thought I would marry the two back up and give it a healthy off to creating another recipe I went..

9 peppers cut length wise…I like to do this because it will take only around 1/2 cup of the inside stuffing…to fill one up ..and that means I can have two.. and we all know that two is better than one..right? ( that’s all that fit in the pan.. I have a second one!)

Next brown two hamburger patties ( 4 ounces each) and chop finely…add taco seasoning mix according to directions.

Then I prepared brown rice according to the package directions. Once done I added it to the hamburger mixture.
Next I added four chopped medium onion diced finely. 1/2 Cup of zero pointenchilada sauce1/2 C zero point salsamix well and cook until there is no liquid in the mixture.

( if you use canned diced tomatoes..drain before adding)
Next I used a measuring cup to place 1/2 Cup of Spanish rice mixture into each green pepper shell…pep7
top with 1 Tab of Weight Watchers shredded Cheese…bake at 360 for 45-60 minutes…serve right away.
Brown Rice 24 WW points (4 cups)
Hamburger 8 ounces 10 WW points
enchilada sauce 0 WW points
Tomatoes 0 WW points
Onion 0 WW points
Taco seasoning 0 WW points
Green peppers 0 WW points
WW Shredded cheese 6 WW points

Total point for dish 48 points ..divide by 9 servings =we will go with 5 points each Stuffed Pepper! Serve with a big fresh salad and you have a very filling meal!



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2 thoughts on “Spainish Stuffed peppers WW Points 5 each

  1. I loove stuffed peppers 🙂

  2. Ani Danelz on said:

    These look great and could easily be made vegetarian! Just sub in some black beans instead of the hamburger meat haha I will definitely be trying this sometime.

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