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Healthy lifestyle dishes !


Living a healthy not just about the food and exercise…it incompasses so much more.. this is going to be a multi-part series on ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your “WHOLE ” life… I know this may seem” like an off the wall kind of subject ..but trust me.. it is another important piece to the Healthy Lifestyle we want to live..

Dishes…yes we all use these..inless your cave like inter self tell you to eat off the floor and with your hands..we humans eat off dishes… plates..can be round, square..big…small….bowls can hold massive helpings of wonderful foods…way bigger that our stomachs…

When I committed to a Healthy Lifestyle..I quickly learned that “visual” importance was clearly clouding my thinking…after all , when I looked at the correct portion sized meal on my very large 12 inch dinner plate… I felt I was “lacking” a proper meal. How could I eat so little and survive…ran through my head…I was use to seeing my 12 inch plate filled to the brim…and me reaching for second and third helpings! This was NOT going to fly in my home! I need to fill up my plate! After all I have always been a proud member of the “empty your plate club”!.. I even got dessert for a reward, for cleaning my plate!!

After just a few days of looking at this wimpy plate of food…( at least in my mind it was wimpy!) I knew for this healthy lifestyle to work. I needed to change my way of thinking.. but years and years of the other way of thinking..was hard to break… what’s a girl to do?????

So I went out in search of a solution! Pretty plates maybe? Hummmmm…off to Pier One I went…and after “viewing” beautiful designed sets of dishes.. I ran across the same problem… SIZE ! The plates we as big as mine at home! Yes they were “prettier” than mine.. but the food is still going to look the same! And the bowls we HUGE! I bet I could get THREE cups of cereal in one of those!! My 1/2 cup of oatmeal in the going to look just awful in on of those things.. although it will look “pretty”!

So I meandered around the store and LOW AND BEHOLD! Right there in front of me was the answer to my prayers!!! Shelf after shelf after shelf of dishes! JUST MY SIZE!

I know it’s the little things in life that make one happy ! But I was “THRILLED” to find my treasure of gold! These were perfect! Just the size I need for my healthy lifestyle.. no more looking at the bowl have empty! My bowl was going to be FULL!!!
I picked up several varieties of dishes… ranging in similar size…and even a smaller plate! Mine is but 4 inches…a huge difference! These are very affordable… and cute..and very portion control friendly! Did I mention how cute they are???

Now when I place my food in my dishes…I don’t feel deprived… My eyes are “full”….another benifit is they take up less space! I can fit all of my dishes on one shelf!

How does this make a difference you ask? Well here are two bowls…

See the difference? Look how BIG the bowl on the left is! And that’s a cereal bowl that came with our regular dishes.. It will hold a whopping 3 cups of food! The one on the right holds one cup! Now for most of us..we fill the bowl with what ever foods we are having.. so if the serving size was one cup..look how much more we are eating.. No wonder America is FAT! The only thing the bowl on the left should be used for is a SALAD!!!

I know one can only wonder, ” how the heck can DISH size make that much of a difference?” ..Well trust me it does! Think about it.. we eat a bowl of healthy cereal in the morning for breakfast and..bam! We are eating triple the amount we are supposed to be eating..! Lunch is a healthy pasta we whipped up..and we fill the bowl again.. another triple the amount we are supposed to be having.. and I bet we are only counting it as “one serving”… For dinner we fill the bowl again…with healthy soup..and yet another triple serving! And yet at the end of the day ..when we tip toe to the scales we ask ourselves..Why didn’t I lose weight?? Well you didn’t lose weight cause at every meal you ate TRIPLE portion size!!

I believe it comes down to mind over matter… we “EAT” with our “eyes” first.. if something doesn’t “look ” appealing..we are not even going to try it! Same goes for portions.. we Often defeat ourselves just by “looking’ at food ..”.Well that isn’t going to fill me up!” Or “Are you kidding me” that’s all I get!!!!! Come on no laughing here.. I know you get it! Our eyes tell our brain..”.hey that little bit of food is NOT going to cut it!!!” We don’t even give our stomach time to say..”yes that was tasty and just enough to fill me up!”

So I decided to TRICK my eye…into thinking it is getting a full bowl, ( or plate ) full of food.. Which by the way a perfect portion for me… I have just been use to eating for three people ..instead of just one.. portions..portions what this is all about folks!

By making my serving bowl/plate smaller.. I am realizing the “correct” Portion size for my foods…I have to retrain my telling my brain.. this is the right amount for me to eat.. this will fill me up! To some this may seem silly.. but I hope there ar more of you out there ..who “get” this!
We have no need for super size anything in our healthy lifestyle world. This makes it easier for me to realize my portion control… along with my weight and measures…which I do faithfully!
Yes I am that person who has to “weigh” or “measure” ALL OF MY FOOD!.. I am the one.. counting the tiny little “fish” crackers from the bag to make sure I don’t get one to many for my serving size!!! And THIS is how I am still doing so well! I count or weight out my portions so I know that I am in control of what I am putting in my body!
This is my Portion control part of the cupboard!
Starting on the left, bottom is my apple core/cutter…then my scales…on to my egg slicer, strawberry cutter and hand mandoline…then my pop up measuring cups and spoons…on the top see my portion control small dressing/sauce container for the lunch box…as well as thermal soup containers..and other measuring cups..
one of the other things I use is these..
Perfect containers for dipping sauces and dressings.. ( always put your dressing portion in a container and dip your salad into it..never on the salad)
And of course serving scoops… I use the smaller one most of the time.. I only showed you the larger one so , again you can see the size difference. The smaller a perfect portion size…

In closing I hope you see how the change to smaller dishes can help you find more success in your healthy lifestyle. It is more satisfying to see a dish full than a third full! And while I “trick” my eyes…I am learing “portion” control.. Which is really an eye opener in its self.! No more eating for three.. I listen to my stomach more these days..than my eyes..I listen to it tell me when its getting full.. and I stop eating. I listen to it when it’s growling.. just want water…I like being in control of what goes into my body.. it makes me feel…at peace within…hey, this healthy working for me.. in so many ways I didn’t expect..I hope it’s working for you too!


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One thought on “Healthy lifestyle dishes !

  1. Such a good point; the dishes definitely matter! I can’t believe the size of that original serving bowl though, wow! 😮

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