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Eating out and staying on plan…..

Eating out and eating healthy are two different things…eating out scares the hell out of me.. Drive down any street in any town and you are bombarded with food choices… McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s …on almost any corner in any city!

But I choose to not eat at most of these fast food places.. Subway is my number one eat out choice! I know what I want when I go there.. I know I can make good choices.. I now the point value for what I want… It is in my comfort zone… I feel safe with my choices at subway…

Yesterday we drove to Raleigh…while walking through the mall, we decided that we would go to the food court and eat. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to do this..But with my Weight Watcher’s App on my phone, I knew we could figure out the points… first up was one of the million FROZEN YOGURT booths that are popping up across America…I didn’t want sweet.. I wanted protein…food for my soul… next was an Oriental place…not interested…then a Pizza joint..Next was Philly cheese steak sandwiches…my head was beginning to spin…as always there was a MCDonalds..Tooting their own horn for the new BIIGER wrap…no thank you.. Then there was a booth.. Mediterranean Style we stopped.. lots of veggies…even a chick pea salad…but it all looked soaked in oil…next was our beloved subway ! YES! But my son wasn’t in the mood for subway… Ok, I get it.. It’s just about the only place I like to eat out…ok, I announce..Where do you want to eat?

He had seen a New York Style pizza place outside the mall, and a taco bell.. So I said let’s sit down and look up the points.. So we took our time and looked up points.. After seeing with out own eyes the points for the items we liked..We left and decided to head over to home depot.. we didn’t want anything to eat.. So off we went … after shopping for a few hours ..We headed back to the car… my son announced…I’m starving.. DING! DING! DING! Starving? That is not good.. When we are starving we do not make wise food choices… ok, let’s get something to eat, I say.. YOU pick..He announced…you sure I say…? Yes.. He answers back to me.. We get in the car.. And drive about 200 feet and there it is in all its glory… I know my son sees it… FIVE GUYS BURGERS! Oh NO ! I think to myself…UGH! He loves Five Guys! But we just CAN”T there is NOTHING, let me repeat…repeat…repeat myself.. There is NOTHING there we can eat and stay on point… but wait..Look at my saving GRACE! Right next to it.. Is SUBWAY!!!!!! As I pull into the parking space I see the smile on my son’s face , for a split second… then I pull in front of SUBWAY! SAVED! He said! No words were spoken about FIVE GUYS… just a feeling of satisfaction over come..Us both… we went into SUBWAY and ate our Healthy choice…and drink our water… and were full when we were done!

Whew! We did it…together.. It’s great to have a “buddy” on difficult days like these…. my son and I talked about our experience….he said he really didn’t want pizza or taco bell.. Not only because of the excessive points it would add to our day.. But he said, I didn’t want to feel the way I do after I eat junk like that!! WHOOT! WHOOT! What a VICTORY!

We have both worked do hard to get where we are today… Nothing tasted so good…that we wanted to risk this healthy feeling..

Here is a saying that always brings us back around..!

Know what’s better than eating that thing that you have really wanted to eat for days?
Losing that WEIGHT you really wanted to lose for YEARS!

Ahh yes, Victory is sweet….


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One thought on “Eating out and staying on plan…..

  1. Haha, great that you guys made the right choice together 🙂

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