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I’m Back! And just wait until you hear the news!

green and red healthy foodI know it’s been awhile since I have posted on here..But I have been going through a lot personally lately…first I went back home to see my Mother who was in the hospital. She has CHF. Congestive Heart Failure. This saddens me greatly. (Later on this subject)… It seems like our family has fallen apart since the passing of my dad four years ago. It’s very sad. I have a sister who has RA…and is ill also. He son has a blood disease that I can’t even pronounce. He is terminal. My own son is being retired from the Marine Corps at age 32 for PTSD..I told you they are falling apart all around me..
This trip was a real eye opener to me. An epitome of sort…into my own life and health. I know that I have been working hard to life a healthier lifestyle..As well as my older son but now reality is kicking in and I feel like time is ticking away and I needed to step it up.. MORE! I wasn’t sure at the time I had this revalation..What I was going to do to get where I wanted to be.. But I knew it was going to be drastic…it has to be, with the clock ticking and me feeling the need to not only to lose weight but to get healthy..And reverse any bad stuff going on in my body..

So I went to the library and started checking out books on healthy eating and educating myself on the dos and don’ts…quite by accident..While surfing Netflix for something to watch.. I came across the documentary…Forks over knives…( Watch it.. It will turn your life around.. If you feel unhealthy…at the bottom of the rung…no energy..And want to change all of that..Watch this documentary…NOW..Stop reading this.. And find it online..Netflix..Find it and watch it..

So for the last couple weeks, I have been making changes in my life..I am going Plant Strong! This is a Plant based lifestyle.. which means NO meat, NO fish, No eggs, NO dairy and NO Oil..yep ..I did it… I am taking it step by step…first I cut out meat..which surprises me how easy that was…next no oil…that I must admit is difficult..But doable.. I use vegetable broths…to cook vegetables…it works!
Next were no eggs.. Hard for a gal who LOVES Dunkie eggs…next was dairy…good by milk..Good by even Greek yogurt..Goodbye..Cheese!! Yep this is the hardest thing I have always done.. but this is for me.. For my healthy and I am going to do this for me…come Hell or high water folks!! I am doing this.. This plant based lifestyle and prevent and reverse heart disease folks…which is the number one killer of us here in America! …with my family history and my weight issues..This is a NO brainer…PLANT BASED LIFESTYLE!

So I am going to be posting here my journey.. on a Plant Based Lifestyle.. It’s still a journey..Now it just got more interesting..I hope you will continue to follow me..And maybe even follow in my foot steps.. I hope that I am able to inspire you to make the change.. Even little changes that may get you to better health!



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