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pulling hair out

Yes this is me PULLING MY HAIR OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why you ask??? Well, thank you for asking..

It bothers my that I am trying to share my new found knowledge for a healthier way of life to people..who JUST DON”T LISTEN TO WHAT I AM SAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can give them them picture of a artery that was healed from a Plant Based Diet…and they look at it and say ,”anyone can alter a photo”! Really , that is what you get out of this? That someone “alerted” the photo??? REALLY?

Sometimes I want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was talking to someone the other day who told me that ALL CARBS are bad.. that I shouldn’t be eating any carbs! Really? All carbs are not created equally!!!!!!!!!! Read up on it people… and don’t get into a you know what waving conflict with me..over carbs…and then walk away telling me I am not eating “healthy” while you go turn your steak on the grill! Really?

Let me say that I do not push my beliefs on others… Or my choice of a healthy lifestyle..I don’t chastise someone when I see they shoving that fork full of over processed foods…or that dead cow down their throats…but..if you start harassing me for my choices…on my plate..I will tell you like I see it.. and will try my best to educate you on the healthy plant based lifestyle…you open the conversation and I will share all that I know with you. Don’t call me a liar..and say I don’t know what I am talking about..that just makes me more determined to get you the correct information…I can carry on the debate of cholesterol in eggs…until the cows go home.. and people still won’t believe me..

Eggs… yes eggs… 187 mg of Cholesterol is in one egg…

a Big Mac has 85 Mg of Cholesterol

3 oz of lobster has 61 Mg of Cholesterol

a 3 oz Rib Eye has 160 Mg of Cholesterol

a Whooper with cheese has 100 Mg of Cholesterol

The America Heart Associations says the following about our daily amounts for Cholesterol

Dietary Cholesterol – less than 200 milligrams each day

  • Why? What does this mean?: Excesses in dietary cholesterol have been linked to increases in coronary heart disease. Consuming less than 200 milligrams per day is a prudent attempt at lowering your risk.
  • Examples: Cholesterol comes from two sources – that which your body creates and that which is found in animal products (meat, poultry, fish, egg yolks and dairy contain dietary cholesterol). Choose reduced fat or lean sources of animal products to help reduce your dietary cholesterol intake

SO when we want to eat for our heart… I would say leave the eggs alone’s a NO brainer!

I have had this egg debate many times.. believe me.. people will not believe you…you can talk until you are blue in the face.. they just don’t want to believe it.. for example… someone I know , recently announced they needed to eat better… the Doctor told them their cholesterol was almost at the point for him to start talking medication…so he was cutting back.. and yet for breakfast I watched in he whipped up a 6 egg veggie omelet..hey It’s all veggies inside so it has to be good….RIGHT? Do the math people.. one egg is 187 Mg Of Cholesterol x 6 = 1116 mg for that one meal…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he was cutting back!!!!!!!!!! You should of had the steak and eggs and been better off! That would of been 187 X 2=374mg , plus steak 160 mg.=534 Mg. Cholesterol! Which is still way too much! But I’m just saying!!!

And yet this person still argue with me that I was wrong? That I was just trying to steer him to my plant based way of life.. no in reality I am trying to Save your frikin life here….but he ate the omelet …every bite and smiled at me the whole time…he is a heart attack just waiting to happen…But I tried to warn him..

I think it’s hard for people to understand what they don’t know. They have been lied to for their whole lives about food…and for them its a difficult thing to change. And I get that I really do.. It’s also hard for me to voice my opinions  to them.. they look at me and see some changes..but since I am so heavy its going to take time.. for them to see just how it has changed my life..but I am hoping that as I change not only physically but inside as well..they will see how the plant based lifestyle can help them too.. I want to be the change they want in their Although I may be pulling out my hair…to try and explain this wonderful Plant based lifestyle…and it’s  benefits….I will not stop just because I am pulling out all of my hair.. it will be worth it ..when someone makes the change.. After all I can always buy a wig..


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