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Taking control of my STOMACH!

Plant based living!

Plant based living!

I am on the Plant based lifestyle track… today was my first day back to work , since starting this.. and I was starved to death.. think I need to eat more for breakfast or take a bigger snack.. I work from 9-3 with no lunch break.. so usually I eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast… and I have done that for three weeks.. well….it did not hold me over today!! I think I better add something to that oatmeal!!! I was so hungry I was sick at my stomach! And that never happens to me!! I even drank an extra two bottles of water to help curb it.. but my stomach wasn’t satisfied!!!
So how was I going to handle this, I thought to myself..? As hungry as I am I normally would stop for some fastfood..and gobble down a couple burgers or a fish sandwhich or two and a super size fry and maybe even a hot fudge sundae. BUT that was the old me…I was in control. I can handle this.. so I started thinking what I was going to have the minute I walked in the door…and it felt good to be in control.. I changed my clothing and walked to the garden and picked me some fresh zuchinni, yellow squas, cucumbers a green pepper and cherry tomatoes.. I shredded up the vegies…and heated up a leftover black bean burger and some watermelon I had already cut into chunks… I sat down with a bottled water..and enjoyed my dinner…slowly…mindfully…and when I was done.. I knew my stomach was full…and It was satified… and even better ..I had the VICTORY! Of knowing that I was


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