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This makes me SICK!

I know I already posted today.. but I have seen commercials for Hardee’s five dollar box four times in the last 2 hours…and I can’t take it anymore! This is my soapbox! I don’t know about anyone else …but this sickens me…and it makes me made as hell at the fast food companies..
I just can’t believe the money they spend on advertising these heart attacks in a bag…to go even! Come on drive up, get your heart attack in a bag right from the front seat of your car! I am telling you these companies should be ashamed of themselves!! Really! I feel like they prey on the poor man… who doesn’t have much money to buy lunch and this sounds like a really good deal…hey FASTFOOD companies…CAN I HAVE A HEALTHY CHOICE FOR THE $5.00 price tag????? oR HOW ABOUT anything HEALTHY! America wake up..this food is killing us!!!!!!!! And the FASTFOOD companies are making millions off of us!!! Shame …Shame… Shame.. Just look at the calorie counts below…
hardees Hardee’s is jumping head first into their deal-making game, offerring up a rather hefty $5 BIG BOX LUNCH deal which includes two double cheeseburgers, an order of Natural-Cut Fries, a fried apple pie and a 20-oz. beverage of your choice in a new easy-carry box and look at the nutritional values of this one meal!
Hardee’s launched its $5 Big Box Lunch deal, a boxed combo that includes two double cheeseburgers, natural cut fries, a fried apple pie and a 20-ounce beverage. As far as I am concerned – not a bargain for your health, unless you share with at least 2 other people.

2 double Cheeseburgers: 1060 calories and 64 grams fat
1 small fries:(doesn’t say which size) : 320 calories and 14 grams fat
1 fried apple pie: 270 calories and 13 grams fat
20 oz. drink (regular soda): zero calories if diet: 200 calories and zero fat
TOTAL is about: 1,850 calories and 91 grams fat
And Taco Bell is following suite
the taco extravaganza that is Taco Bell has been promoting their “$5 Buck Box” which includes a beefy melt burrito, a taco supreme, a chalupa supreme, and a serving of cinnamon twists
$5 Dollar Buck Box from Taco Bell
1,210 calories, 60 grams of fat
2,270 milligrams of sodium
If that does excite you go for this at your local McDonals
Angus Barbeque Bacon Cheeseburger (Combo Meal with Large Fries)
1300 calories, 64 grams fat
2,370 milligrams of sodium
I will continue to turn the channel when ever I see these on TV… and I will continue to BOYCOTT fastfood joints…and I will hope someday America…will wake up and smell the roses..before it’s too late!


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