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Defending my Plant based lifestyle


I am finding out that I have to keep my Plant based lifetstyle to myself..people don’t understand what they don’t know…When I am asked what am I doing??? I am looking great…and I mention the plant based lifestyle.. I get told “Oh I could never do that”! What are you going to do when you start “eating” again… ??? You will gain the weight back..when you go off of it…? or “How will you get enough calcium, fat, protein, nutrients, etc.?” or how about…,I didn’t know you were such a ativist! Ativist? Really???

Every day more studies prove that the healthiest diets are plant based, not animal based.
And yet everyday I must justify my lifestyle choice…
Why? Why aren’t you the one who needs to justify to me why you eat a high fat diet that is killing you? Why don’t you tell me why its healthy for you to carry around an extra 100 pounds?


I am not going to debate this issue with those who seem hell bent on doing so..I don’t need anyone’s approval for the way I decide to live my life…you don’t need mine…I choose the plant based is not a diet..diets come and go.. this is the way I choose to eat.. this is the way I choose to treat my body..because we all know you are what you eat….And did you know that President Bill Clinton is on this diet ??? So It’s good enough for a President , but not for you????? I don’t know if I will outlive you or not.. I may get run over by a car or something…but Let’s let our lives and health decide whom is right…meet me back here in 10 years…hell meet me in five years and let’s see who is doing the best… if you make it that long…


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One thought on “Defending my Plant based lifestyle

  1. Hey there (:
    Be patient to such people (i know, sometimes it’s hard…) and keep on justifying (let’s name it that way) your diet and lifestyle. As long as you spread the word for vegans, you are doing the right thing!
    Some people can not express their reaction to vegan lifestyle properly and are just not used to doing things consciously : eat, cook, dress up, recycle, etc.. But as soon as they do, they wish they were told or tought to do so earlier.
    I remember two years before we went vegan, I had an encounter with a vegan girl, who didn’t have the patience in explaining the pros of being vegan and satisfying my curiousity… But now that i came to this myself, I wish she didn’t have that attitude “are you eating better??” (And not that I was a junky meat-eater or anything or was in any way rude to her..) I was genuinely interested in her lifestyle but repelled by the attitude. Oh well… I’m just sharing.
    So it’s much better to tell them: ” oh, come over Saturday night, I’ll show you how easy it is!” (:
    Just a friendly advice that works for us (:
    Thanks for sharing your feelings and experience in adapting your lifestyle!
    Sia from NewlyVEG. (:

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