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Faux Orzo Fried Rice


I am on a Orzo kick these days.. I love Orzo..and I think if you give it a will love it too! I am creating new recipes everyday.. this one my favorite! I love “fried” rice Orzo! I don’t miss the meat at all! In fact I love it better without it!!! It takes only minutes to make..this is a company worthy dish.. or even one that I would take to a party…for a holiday or family gathering.. give it a try..I think it will be one of your NEW favorites!!

One cup of cooked Orzo
1/4 Cup onion
1/4 Cup diced carrots
1/4 Cup diced mushrooms
1/2 Cup frozen peas

Cook Orzo according to package direction . Drain and let cool.
Dice onion, carrots, and mushrooms.. in pan place 1/3 Cup of vegetable broth ( or olive oil) and saute onions, mushrooms and carrots..when semi-soft add Orzo mixing well.. Then add frozen peas..mix well and heat until peas are warmed all the way through.. just a matter of minutes.. Enjoy!


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One thought on “Faux Orzo Fried Rice

  1. Hm… We need to finally buy that Orzo! We always stumble upon it in the health food store..but end up buying our regular stuff.(:
    Thanks for the recipe!

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