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I’m Back!

balanced22Ok, Ok, I know it’s been awhile since I have posted on here.. but I am still alive and kicking! I started back to a “anormal” job..and now that I don’t have all of the free time in the world…blogging has taken a back life..
Since we last visited ..I have had my mom come and stay…and then we made a road trip to take her home to Ohio.. company came again to visit..did I mention My job….and little free time.. Now that summer is over and I am getting back into the swing of things..I have returned to the blogging world..

Don’t think for one minute that I forgot about my followers.. Every new dish I made I thought ..Oh dear..I should be sharing this!…and everytime I had a victory or a trying time.. I thought of you..! But with the lap top packed away..and limited time avaliable.. It fell through the crack of “LIFE”!

So what have I been up to??? Still eating Vegan style..and trying to come up with new ideas and new ways to fix my’s fun.. and challenging at the same time..Eating at work is hard.. for me at least… People are always asking me what did you bring today.. another salad??? HAHAH!…I feel the pressure to fix gourmet meals for my lunch just to show them..that I am not just about salad.. and then I what if I am all about salad.. so what.. if I am enjoying it ..who cares… I still get the ” oh she is the one who doesn’t eat meat! LOL!.. ( I know there is a dirty hidden thought there, but I ignore them..)

This past weekend was a challenge for me.. My nieces and friends came to the house on the way to the beach for a week.. It’s become a yearly tradition.. One of my favorites.. it’s 24 hours of love ..talking.. and eating!! My son Michael is a accomplised “CHEF”….his specialty is…smoked meat.. yes I said it.. smoked meat.. My nieces request his Smoked briskett, and Carolina BBq every year..they love it.. and yes I do miss it..but I am ok with Mike made the meat..and I made the baked beans…cooked all day in the slow cooker…even though I forgot to serve them at dinner..because we had so much food on the table.. but it was all good..cuz they take all the left overs to the beach! I baked potatoes…and maked rosemary and garlic corn on the cob…Mike made his famous Coleslaw…and dessert was ice cream with different toppings..

When they first arrived they were starving and the food wasn’t ready yet….so I set out a snack plate for them.. with my very own canned garlic pickles…spicy pickles…cannied jalapenos..peach slasa…figs…and assorted cheeses…and crackers…just because I am Vegan…doesn’t mean I still can’t provide them with the things I know they will love…it’s a balance..serving them my Vegan canned goods..and my home grown figs…was a trade off..

They loved the canned goods and I sent a good supply to the beach with them…now I need to weekend will be a canning weekend..

As I mentioned we had ice cream for dessert… Toppings were..chocolate fudge..caramel..and fresh peaches with a walnut and aguave syrup ..and fresh strawberries and well as tiny brownies..simple but good..

I will be sharing the canning recipes later..I think you will enjoy them..
Hope you have all been doing well.. and are able to find the balance in your life.. you need to enjoy it..!


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