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Sickness…life is strange


I know , no one likes to be sick.. but I really HATE being sick..I don’t wish to be sick so I can get a day off work.. I know I am wierd like that…but did I mention I HATE being SICK??? I don’t even like being a little sick.. I want to feel good…all the time..

But today I woke up sick.. it’s Saturday.. who gets sick on the weekend? ME. I acke all over.. I cough..and Yes..the dreaded diarrhea..:( I was suppose to work at a job fair today.. but couldn’t .. I hate that.. people depend on me.. and I just had to let them down. OF course they said they understand, and they don’t want what ever it is I have.. so stay home.. but still I feel guilty..

When ever I am sick.. I want to be a little girl again.. I want my mom to take care of me and make me feel better… I want a Coffee Table “Tent”, with the vaporizer steam helping me breathe…I want my mom to make me a bowl of hot tomatoe soup with tiny oyster crackers floating across the top…I want the comfort of knowing that my Mom will make me all better. I want the smell of vicks on my chest and a wash cloth over it with little safety pins clipped to my pj’s. I want my mom…

I hope I do throw up.. I hate to throw up… I yell for my mom everytime I throw up… and she comes running..well when I was a little girl I did.. not too many miles are between us for her to even hear me..Even as an adult (57). I hate to throw up.. I will do anything to not throw up..Mom was always right there to tell me , it would be ok… with a cold wash cloth ready for my forhead and a towel to wipe my face..and a glass of water to rinse my mouth.. I hate being sick..

When you get miss having someone to take care of you when your sick.. you have to do it your self.. and with out the love of your mother.. it’s just not the same…. yes I yell for my son to bring me a glass of water..or mor medicine.. but usually it’s right in the middle of the good part of the movie he’s watching so..I get it when its over.. Mom would always drop what ever she was doing and come running…it’s not the same..

Life is funny… we live our busy lives in cities all over the world..but when were sick.. we want to be in our childhood home..snuggled up , with Mom taking care of is strange…


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