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Concentrated Slap your mamma eggs~

I love eggs…specially dunky eggs..and three minute eggs…When I have eggs.. I want the best part ( to me)..the yolk! I love the deep yellow..Ooey Gooey hot goodness in my dunkie eggs.. I know some people call them over easy eggs..but we have always called them “dunkie” eggs..but I can’t eat a dunkie egg without BREAD! And several slices of it to boot! So since I am low carbing it.. I had to give up my dunkie eggs…or so I thought..

Getting ready to scramble my one thousand egg for the month.. (ok maybe not a thousand, but close!)…I thought how can I get that tasty Ooey, Gooey yellow goodness..again.. so I thought about my 3 minute egg… I love to eat those with a plate full of soliders to go along with it.. ( for those that don’t know..soliders are pieces of toast cut long ways.. like a solider at dip into the top of your three minute egg)…but wait…what if I cooked my egg just a little bit longer..than three minutes..but before it is officially a hard boiled egg.. I would get that bright yellow orange color..that I could eat with a tiny spoon…thus eliminating my need for a plate of soliders to dip with!
I admit.. it took a timer..a close watch on the pot.. and several attempts , before I perfected my Concentrated slap your mamma egg! But believe me it’s worth it!! Every Ooey Gooey ..bite!
So grap you a pot..fill with eggs..and cover with hot top on stove and time five minutes…after the five minutes if the water is at a rolling boil..time for two more minutes…remove and dump out hot water..and fill with cold water..leave water running and peel eggs..and place in a egg holder..using a small knife..remove the tip of the egg , so you expose the Ooey Gooeyness..using a small dessert spoon..enjoy!
The inside is a concentrated yolk flavor,just cooked enough to be able to dig out of it’s shell with a spoon! No need for toast!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I!


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