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OMG! Meatloaf! ( shh don’t tell them it’s low carb)


I have tried making a low carb with no previous success.. It is eaither too dry or too wet (once I made one that even the dog wouldn’t eat! ( Now that is bad!) dog100 but today I NAILED it!

In this recipe I was able to come up with the best tasting meatloaf, EVER! Even one that is filled with CARBS like oats or bread crumbs!! I am telling you..this is company Meatload..and they will be asking you for your recipe!!!

First I started with Gound round..about two pounds…then I added 1 cup of diced mushrooms..and another 1/2 cup that were chunked not diced…I add one medium onion..diced fine…then came 1 cup of shredded carrots…add to that one cup of shredded chedder cheese..and then 1/4 cup of low carb ketchup and 1/4 cup of chilpote sauce ( I make it from scratch). For seasoning I added a tablespoon of pepper, and 4 tablespoons of Rosemary garlic seasoning.meat12 ..mix with your hands..just until it all comes together. don’t over in meatloaf pan and cook one hour..

When it was done cooking I let it set for 15 minutes..just like a need to let it that all of those wonderful juices will stay inside the meatloaf!
And if this wasn’t good enough.. I decided to make some low carb gravy! If you have not tired don’t walk to you nearest World Market and pick some of this up! ( they have chicken gravy too!)
It is soooo good! All you do is mix the granduals with hot water and stir on the stove until its think!
Yes it is that easy!
Now this meatloaf is soooo good you don’t need the gravy…
in fact I ate two pieces without it !( and one with it!)


My son liked it just as well without it too.. and he stated that it tasted better than steak! Now that is a complement from my Chef..and foodie soon! ( who wouldn’t think of doing low carb)


As you can see I added steamed cauliflower with the Rosemary and garlic seasoning! Let me tell you the dogs were begging for this stuff!!! HEHEHE!

This meatloaf recipe is meant to be shared..and I will add it to my “FAMILY” cookbook! That’s right looking after future generations…helping them control carbs!! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Cheers!

I figured around 20 carbs in the whole thing.. I got 10 slices out of it..( leftovers tomorrow!) so that would be 2 carbs for a serving…


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