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new start

It’s that time of year again.. you know…the one where everyone wanting to lose weight make this their number one New Years resolution! The one where several hundred thousand of us will sign up for
that gym membership, we will more than likely stop using after a few weeks, but will be reminded monthly when the deduction is removed from our bank accounts.

I am right there with you..each year I claim this year as MY year to get in shape..its still my goal to get in shape..but how? If I knew the answer I would be a millionaire! For each of us..the way we obtain our goal is different. Some of us have no willpower. While others can stick to it , once they decide to. I think most of us have good intentions. We want to lose weight.but something happens and once again we fail.

Last year I had some success with weight lose, but not the 100 pounds I had hope for. It was a roller coaster of ups and downs on the scales. As I look back on the year , that I have well documented on here..I can see some of my mistakes..I think skipping my journal writing did hurt my accountability to myself. Letting myself slip..just this once..for what ever reason ..helped me go down that slippery slope of ” I can’t get back on track”, some where I gave back on track and gave up again. I weigh less than this time last year. So that is good..but no where I thought or wanted to as I go into the new year, with the same goal to lose weight..I need to figure to win at this weight loss game. ? When I figure out ..I will let you know..for now..


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